These are recent statements from both Trump and Pence.  They sound like they are on the same page.  Another tell in their public spat. 

The kayfabe is that Pence is against MAGA, who turned into an anti-Trump because he is endorsing  anti-MAGA candidates against Trump’s picks because he’s swamp.  Totally untrue. 

There are even rumors that Pence is going to endorse Liz Cheney.  Leo Terrell tweeted that if Pence did that, it would end his career.  But I haven’t seen that in Pence’s twitter account.  I seriously doubt it…but who knows what in their plans in their kayfabery.

But these statements from both of them are pretty evident that are coordinating their messages, and a huge change in the leadership is about to happen!

Trump:  “You know you are still going to need somebody in the White House or it’s not going to be done, it can’t be done.  You need help and I think help will be forthcoming and I think it’s going to be a lot sooner than people think. – 

Posted by LindyPatch, Telegram