Game on!

1,000s of patriots are on the way to Mar-a-Lago right now. Pray things stay peaceful and the FBI doesn’t get what they want… more people to make an example of.

This isn’t the moment for rash action, no matter how some people feel.

FYI…..   Gateway Pundit editor @JoeHoft is heading to Mar-a-Lago —  He will be reporting live from Trump’s home soon.

Everyone, EVERYONE who knows the J6 trial is a sham now also believes that the FBI is inherently corrupt and dysfunctional.

That’s like 2/3 of the friggin country.

Just like that. Wow.

Bingo. Called it.

I thought he still was.

That is NOT by accident.


Trump is at Trump Tower in New York City


Hat tip @techno_fog for this statute

Probably trying to frame Trump with document destruction/removal so he can never hold office again.

1) Maggie Haberman prints claim in her new book of shit that Trump would flush documents down the White House toilet

2) Axios reports it

3) Later in the day, Feds raid Mar A Lago and “go after Trump’s safe” after narrative is set by fake newsers

The security cameras at Mar A Lago better not pull an Epstein, if the Feds try to plant any documents there we need to see it!

The fake toilet story came out this morning and then the raid occurred?

This seems planned.


Can’t say I haven’t prepped those have followed along.  

FBI Raid on DJT

Follow along here please

“First Arrest” (Q wrote it back to back posts.  But somehow both were at the :45 second mark.  DJT = 45)

Q told us to “Trust Wray”

Who leads the FBI?

Q told us 

“How do you get evidence entered legally”

(FBI raid gets the info on the record)

Q asks “Who has all the information?”

DJT does 

I’ve been saying it since Q posted it

So absolutely nothing happening now is a surprise to me.  

I am 100% calm.  

Trust The Plan

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  1. GOD wins.
    Must of really pissed them off that Kari stated that she was chosen by Him…🤗🇺🇸

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