UPDATED– Aug 11, 2022

Hillary wasn’t supposed to lose

Trump confiscated them. Obama tried to hide evidence of his crimes.

This is war

Don’t go by what people “say” in a media war.

Actually look at the Q drops for yourself

Nothing wrong with that.

I go by what people do, not what they say. Even Trump is being constantly deceptive because we’re in a war. Deception is required and nobody in war time is going to admit to anything that gives the enemy an advantage.

Karma patriot on JustHuman chat did some great digs on that the other day.

All the federal law enforcement that are under the Homeland Security umbrella is incredible and the types of investigations are eye opening too.

Secret Service are not under the Treasury and they can actually investigate human trafficking. Who knew?

ICE agents have a broad scope of investigation too, not just immigration.

Her digs were incredible.

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Obama did not follow the law on these documents. These documents actually belong to the people.

That’s why we can obtain documents through FOIA.

Obama classified all the evidence of their crimes under top secret and had them transferred to his library thinking they were safe there cause he controls them.

We have them.

Trump declassified them.

Bush and Clinton did the same thing.

It’s a scam to hide crimes and Trump put a stop to it.

We have all the evidence.

As Q said many times.

How do you introduce evidence legally?

There are national security laws.

Remember Flynn being indicted ?

Q told us he was safe from the beginning.

What was Flynn’s role?

To introduce evidence of massive crimes in the Obama administration as evidence in the court system.

Flynn knew where all the bodies were buried and he purposely took a plea deal.


Under a plea agreement you are required to reveal any knowledge you have of crimes. Any crimes you have knowledge of.

The same is happening now.

Trump declassified all the evidence of crimes.

How do you get it introduced into legal records in the courts so it can be used for prosecutions down the road?

Become a target (publicly) and have the FBI come and take the evidence.

Why was the warrant partially sealed on Trump?

I bet it reveals he’s not the target.

He’s an FBI asset and has been for over 40 years

Not all of the FBI is corrupt. 90% of the FBI are honest hard working law enforcement that don’t operate in the DC office.

Trump cleaned out the DC headquarters where the political corruption was located.

Look at the list of people fired. It’s a long list.

Who had to sign off on firing those people?


Q said trust Wray

Why would Trump fire all those people and leave Wray in charge.

Think logically.

It’s already proven that Trump has been an FBI asset for at least 40 years.

The FBI as the bad guys is a narrative that right wing media loves to promote for clickbait panic and Trump likes the narrative of being a victim of a politicized DOJ and FBI.


He’s setting the table for what’s coming which is a whole bunch of people in the FBI and DOJ who were fired getting indicted. He also is separating himself from those indictments so the media can’t claim Wray is his lapdog.

All optics in an unconventional war being waged in the media for normies.

We are never going to know the trail or the details. This is a war

Trust me!!!!

There is more going on than in the media.

Trump is not the target and neither was Congressman Perry who had his phone taken by the FBI.

Read the court documents.

This Politico writer did.

Read the article on Perry who is a big Trump ally.

The FBI has been cleansed.

They are the good guys.

They are gathering evidence for the IG(Inspector General)

Garland did not authorize this.

Go search Q posts on the IG and Huber and Sessions.

This massive conspiracy investigation was set up in Trump’s first year by Sessions while Trump was giving him cover bashing him in the media for doing nothing.

Perry is not the target and neither is Trump.

The FBI is gathering evidence on others.


’m telling you it’s COMMS.

He’s telling us it’s Obama’s archives the FBI got

The enemy already knows about devolution.

They already know Biden doesn’t have full control of the military and his Justice department doesn’t control Durham, Huber or the IG office.

They know what’s coming and can’t stop it

Nickels please!!!

You’ve come around to my theory that democrats are going to “try” and stop the midterms out of desperation.

Pay up!😁😁