Just Human Kyle shared some thoughts about whether President Trump should unseal the search warrant for all to see.

“I was listening to Attorney Robert Gouveia just now, and he made some great points that got me thinking:

-Right now, Trump has his presumption of innocence intact. Deservedly so. 

-DOJ/Garland has filed to unseal search warrant and property receipt

-It’s now up to Trump and his lawyers if they want to unseal.

Seems like a no brainer that he will, right? Well…

-If Trump DOES support the unseal, then what if the probable cause for the search and seizure is moderately to highly damaging to him? Media will go HARD spin, they will attempt to destroy the presumption of innocence that he has right now. 

-If Trump DOES NOT support the unseal, he will lose SOME presumption of innocence in the public’s view. Media will go HARD spin, saying he is hiding something. Again, they will attempt to destroy his presumption of innocence. 

It’s not as easy of a choice as one may at first think it is.

Innocent until PROVEN guilty is how it ought to be. 

But we all know media will say to HELL with that because it’s Trump.

Still, it’s his RIGHT to decide whether to unseal and NO ONE should make any inferences as to his guilt based on what he decides here. 

Keep this all in mind over the next 24-72hrs. 

Be ready to explain this to friends, normies, and to shield your mind against the incoming cognitive assaults by the fake news media.”