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  1. Townhall .com has posted copies of Tweets from a former Gorsuch clerk, Mike Davis, that state, “If President Trump left the White House with classified records, they are declassified by his actions.” Mike Davis also explained that this matter has been settled by the Supreme Court. My concern was the mention of “obstruction of justice” supposedly listed in the warrant. Trump cannot be charged for dereliction of duty for Jan 6 . I believe that the DOJ and SDNY and Jan 6 Committee are working together to find anything they can on Trump and they are now stuck where Mueller was stuck with the Russia Hoax trying to prove obstruction of justice. It was interesting that the raid took place just before Trump was set to give a deposition to L James. It is also interesting that Breitbart is reporting that one of the FBI agents at MAL was also involved in investigating persons that were involved with Jan 6. I also find it curious that Mark Meadows supposedly burned papers in his office after meeting with Scott Perry. Scott Perry was the same person who had is phone confiscated by the FBI the day after MAL was raided.Trump supporters know that the DOJ and FBI will pay dirty if they can stop Trump from winning.

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