“THE PIT” in the days ahead. Here Jordan Sather continues his comments on Telegram:

The problem is that there are some counties and states around the country where this company’s software and products are still in use – and we have Midterm elections in 88 days. This company also does business in other countries, like Australia. Also, this is possibly (likely) one company of many tied to the CCP running elections around America. Dominion was just one.

Doing the best I can to relay a complex, two hour story that was just told to us. We are still ruminating on everything and trying to get details straight.

Props to the Epoch Times, One America News, Right Side Broadcasting Network, and the Gateway Pundit for being the only independent news outlet ballsy enough to send reporters to the event.

Oh, and @WeTheMedia too!


“Guys. I’m personally processing all the info I just heard myself. 

Please be patient. It was a lot of info and we’re waiting on further instructions on when we can all talk about it. More information will be given to the attendees but until then, I’m not going to say much out of respect for Gregg and Catherine. 

Just know we have our work cut out for us. 

And I’m so ready for it.”