Take a look. The traitorous ones who are still alive won’t be after they’re indicted, arrested, tried, and convicted for crimes against humanity, treason, and sedition. Pray God I see it come to pass in my lifetime.

1.8 million Americans who volunteered to participate in local elections in their counties all had their personal info stored on a server in China, data which under Chinese Law belongs to the CCP.  

I’m not talking just about their names, pictures, addresses, names of their kids, etc.  

I mean down to the schematics and detailed maps of the buildings they worked in and more. 

The CCP has an incredible amount of information* stored about these election workers and their families that it has been using for more than a few years now in order to learn everything there is to know about how local elections are being run inside the United States. [*Right down to the thermostat in their homes.]

Given that – despite over 40 years of deliberate propaganda to the contrary – the CCP is a hostile foreign regime, the things they could do with this amount of breathtaking detail is, to be polite, problematic.  

Many years ago the CCP realized it could never defeat the United States in a direct military conflict involving land/air/sea conventional forces. And so the regime in Beijing pursued an unconventional specialized warfare against the US that involved a massive level of infiltration and appropriation. 

And paving the way for this infiltration and appropriation of key US national defense infrastructure was a political class all too eager to sell out their country in exchange for wealth and favors from China.

—Brian Cates

More from Cates:

As I said the other day, this massive breach of US national security infrastructure does not involve a few politicians or gov’t officials in DC. 

It involves the 1.8 million Americans who had their personal information handed to the CCP regime and stored on a server in Wuhan, China. Because they are election workers in their county.  

We already know that China has been engaged in a massive level of infiltration/influence operations inside the United States.  Did any of these election workers become targets of such influence operations?  

Konnech needs to explain why this level of access was allowed to the CCP.  Was there a good and valid reason for allowing this level of access?


I was asked to not post the explosive reveal from the last hour and a half of the Pit.  

Even though I was in a room with over a hundred people, Gregg and Catherine instantly became a source when they disclosed something incredibly sensitive to the audience and asked for confidentiality until they are ready to drop the full details and evidence on their new website. 

They plan to do this on Monday, August 15.  

[Note: It appears only people who were in attendance and who’s names and emails are already on a pre-approved list can log in to the site and join it at this time.]


I have been told by Catherine that the Pit attendees will be alerted by email sometime on Monday that the site is now live. 

The moment that happens, the confidentiality agreement ends. 

And I can then reveal it all.  

Any journalist who reveals something told to them in confidence by a source without that source’s permission, any journalist who violates a confidentiality agreement should never be trusted by anyone ever again.  

This is why I have not responded to all the comments asking me to spill details before the time.  

This will only be the beginning of the next step in rooting out all the corruption and saving our country. 

Stay frosty and be ready to step up and do your part.