A Devolution Proof and a Lesson in Discernment

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Whenever a given, sensationalized topic has been in the news—and by ‘news,’ I mean the weaponized mainstream media industrial complex—suddenly, with intensity and/or for a length of time, that topic has been weaponized.

(I discussed this at length in my piece dissecting the concept of Narrative Whiplash, which I recommend all Burning Bright readers check out, as it will help you make sense of a lot of my directional thinking.)

Before we get into the meat of today’s Brief, I want to be clear that weaponized narratives are not inherently bad. Narrative Deployments, as I have taken to calling them, can be used by either side in the Fifth Generational Shadow War, as I discussed in depth just yesterday with my piece on the MAL Raid. No matter which side in the War deploys a given Macro narrative, both sides will try to turn it to their own ends.

This also dovetails with my views on Actual versus Potential Events, with Actual being reported and largely corroborated happenings, while Potential Events refers to the media reporting/narratives. All Actual Events are ALSO weaponized as Potential Events by both sides in the Mind War, but not all Potential Events are Actual Events.

An easy example of this might be the entire COVID-19 pandemic. I’m not going to get into a whole treatise on the existence (or not) of viruses, this specific virus, bioweapons, etc. I am simply using the pandemic as an example of an event that is largely Potential in nature, meaning its reported effects clash discordantly with its observable effects. Essentially, the COVID-19 pandemic was MUCH more of a Potential Event than an Actual Event, and therein, you can observe the power of Potential Events on the collective mind of society, which I have long argued is the ultimate prize on the cognitive battlefield.

Now, if I haven’t gotten too trippy for you yet, the narrative deployment I’d like to focus on today is the rare blend between Actual and Potential, and that is the international Chips situation.

Specifically, semiconductors.

I would hazard a guess that, before the compounding lockdowns and engineered supply chain crisis of 2020-22, the majority of us had not heard of semiconductor chips, or, if we had, we had no real-life, direct experience with them in terms of their form, function and most importantly, origin.

As most of us have now learned, with the public having been absolutely inundated with story after story (Potential Events) of chip shortages affecting everything from new car production to Playstation and Xbox production (Actual Events,) semiconductors are absolutely ESSENTIAL to virtually all aspects of our modern society.

They are so essential, in fact, that I believe they might be considered a National Essential Function.

(If you’d like a refresher on what an NEF is, please check out my recent Devolution for Dummies post, based on the research of Patel Patriot.)

What interests me about the semiconductor crisis is that it is the rare Narrative Deployment that appears to be entirely accurate and just as important as the sensationalized media would have you believe. We need these chips to keep our modern, electronic society running. We also have an unhealthy and, frankly, dangerous reliance on third-party nations to produce one of the fundamental building blocks of modern society—namely Taiwan and South Korea, with the former being another seeming proxy state of the globalist deep state ala Ukraine.

Makes you wonder if there’s a bit more to Taiwan being in the news so much lately, right?

While the reporting on Taiwan deserves much more in-depth pieces than this one, I personally feel that the public, collective mind has been seeded for the importance of domestic chip production for a reason.

Additionally, a recent news item (and an Actual Event) that flew under the radar last week was the announcement that the Biden Administration had signed the CHIPS Act into law, which, among other things, bans the export of equipment primarily used in the production process for advanced semiconductors, specifically naming China as an end destination to be avoided.

What struck me about this act, aside from the fact that Biden, a puppet most of us believe is either directly controlled or in some way leveraged by Deep State powers within the Chinese Communist Party, is the fact that it reminded me of several Trump-era policies aimed at doing precisely the same thing.

When in doubt regarding a specific dig, however, it is always wise to tag in fellow Patriots for an assist.

I did so, here, asking Patel Patriot for his feedback, as the man has a virtually encyclopedic memory regarding Trump-era Executive Orders, as he is blessed with Advanced Micro Pattern Recognition. (Refer to last week’s Combat Tactics for an overview of Micro vs. Macro Pattern Recognition.)

I am happy to say that, in this case, Patel did not disappoint. Not only did he feel that my CHIPS Act dig was intriguing, but he actually found the smoking gun Executive Order Trump signed in 2020 that the ‘Biden Admin’ ended up ostensibly basing this Act around.

Exciting, right? But why?

Well, I’m going to tag in the Epoch Times’ reporting on the subject as a bridge to my closing thoughts on the CHIPS Act, and what it means from both a Mind War AND a Devolution perspective.

“Although the United States and China are not engaged in traditional warfare, they are engaged in a war of ideas, trade, and technology, especially in semiconductor hegemony, where both sides are battling for supply and advancement.” – Jessica Mao via The Epoch Times

Now, while I do not disagree with Mao’s reporting, sometimes I like to play with context. Re-read that line, only replace ‘China’ with ‘Decentralized Globalist Criminal Organization,’ and I think things start to make a whole lot of sense.

To me, the CHIPS Act is not only a pretty compelling example of Devolution playing out right in front of our eyes, but it also gives us some hints as to some of the red line, National Essential Function priorities the Devolved Trump Administration and, by extension the U.S. Military’s Combatant Commanders believe are of the utmost importance for our transition into a post-Deep State world.

On-shoring semiconductors appears to be a prime focus of Trump and company, and the public mind has already been seeded for the importance of on-shoring the production of ALL critical components that bolster U.S. independence and thus, sovereignty.

This represents a continued philosophical change in domestic vs. foreign production. We spoke about leverage in Too Small to Fail. Well, how can you possibly be more leveraged than when other nations control the supply of critical components to virtually all of earth’s technological equipment, not to mention medicines, etc.?

In summary, Trump’s Admin initially proposed the CHIPS Act or policies functionally identical to it in 2020 and Congress passed the CHIPS Act in July of 2022 with the Biden Admin’s full approval.

(The following is MY interpretation of events. I do not speak for Patel Patriot or other Anons and independent researchers.)

Folks. This is not only a Devo proof, but it’s also strong directional and circumstantial evidence that the Biden Admin is either directly or indirectly controlled or leveraged by ‘our team.’ I know that’s a controversial stance, but I find it difficult to read the events of last week in any other way.

More so, the CHIPS Act and its ensuing fallout is a great example of how there is not only much more to current events than meets the eye, but how collective and decentralized intel networks such as ours can join forces to help make sense of the madness that is, that has been and that will be.

Anons thrive in chaos, but ultimately, we seek to order it.

Use discernment, collaboration and intuition. Order the chaos, and the Narrative will lose its control over you.

Oh … and pass the CHIPS, will you?!

Until next time, stay Positive, stay Based and most importantly … stay Bright.

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Lisa Liberty 1 hr ago Liked by Burning Bright
There have been other acts by Biden (not necessarily signed acts) that caused the hairs on Patel’s neck to rise. The Chips act did go unnoticed, most likely by design as the MSM only report “see, we’re in control” news stories. This is very interesting and leads one to wonder, what else is being leveraged by the white hats? The lack of boots on the ground in Ukraine is another instance that smelled of white hat interference. In fact the whole Russia discovery of bio labs and more, totally reeks of crisp white cotton. I’ve always sensed this movie script was written long ago. We are being led to the water, only the awake will drink.
Sarah 2 hr ago Liked by Burning Bright
Not too trippy for me! Thanks for highlighting the CHIPS act signed by “Biden” – that slipped by me for sure – honestly at this point I don’t see how Devo can NOT be play.

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