I know not everyone has the time to listen to a two-hour podcast, unless you can do it while going about your tasks, powering through your day. Fortunately, the evenings are the time I have to listen intently to what the smart folks are saying.

Last night I “ingested” three important Patel Patriot podcasts after watching Tucker Carlson’s amazing monolog and Dan Bongino’s show. Patel Patriot talks to Gregg Phillips of True the Vote, and in Parts 1 and 2 he invites some of the best citizen investigative journalists who were invited to attend True the Vote’s “The Pit” event held last weekend at a secure, undisclosed location in Phoenix.

Here they are if you are interested and have the time. They are well worth both. Bookmark this page if you can listen to only one at a time, so you can come back to these critical information podcasts.

Interview below with Gregg Phillips of True the Vote begins 20 minutes in 👇

PIT Insights Part 1 – Interviews begin at the 22-minute mark. 👇

PIT Insights Part 2 – Interviews begin at the 20-minute mark 👇