And that’s not bragging. It’s the truth, because I have the “receipts.” The George Webb receipts.

As many of you know (or can recall), I’ve mentioned several times on this site what I call the “Hot Pink Binders” of transcripts from investigative journalist George Webb’s reports over the years.

This morning over a cuppa hot coffee, I reviewed the “table of contents” headings and came across this. It is explosive, as much of Webb’s discoveries are. There’s so much more contained in those binders that I could share with you, but then they’d have to kill me. (Just kidding, I hope!) So much more that I’ve forgotten.

But I will share this with you, given that George shared publicly with us the reason he –early on — wouldn’t delve into the child trafficking aspect of the global “ratlines.” He eventually teamed up with a former undercover police officer who WAS investigating child trafficking, and later reported on her findings, tying it in with what his investigations had uncovered.

Hey folks, this is George Webb. My full name is George Webb Sweigert. Here is my LinkedIn profile.

I try to steer away from the child trafficking in my videos because it is so unbelievable, people just immediately dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. If you have an FBI interview, that would be very interesting. Judicial Watch has FOIA’d the videos of those interviews.

Yes, I know there were 40 underage girls on Little St. James Island, and he filmed every one in the Clinton Foundation Regime Change Investor Club having sex with them there. Lots of Centcomm generals, politicians, lawyers, celebs were filmed. Yes, I know about Sandusky, Franklin Scandal, Craig Spence, DC Madams, Barry Frank, Ramsey in Boulder, Hollywood Scientology, Norway NATO, Princeton Muslim School, and other ped sex rings. But seeing is believing for most people, and you need a few of these Epstein tapes to surface to really make your case.

I build my case on the “Regime Change Investment Club” through NYT, WSJ, WaPo, etc. and source documents like the emails. Most of my time is spent trying to produce more emails. Your best bet are the Epstein tapes. They do exist.

Epstein put a teddy bear and crazy art up in the bedroom when (where) they film the target having sex, preferably with a boy for maximum blackmail value, with the generals and politicians. They (then) send a photo of the crazy art (or the teddy bear) before a (an upcoming) big vote on NDAA.

If you can get your hands on those emails, you may have a case. The Petraeus Centcomm emails are your best place to FOIA McChrystal, Allen, etc

Here is Day 49 – “Where is Eric Braverman?” if you are not familiar with my stuff. I am going to pursue the document angle with the Petraeus emails and the video FBI interview of the guys saying the Clintons sold everything. That should be in one of the FBI 302s that (Jason) Chaffetz subpoena’d, and Judicial Watch has also FOIA’d the interview videos.

If you really want to pull this apart, I would say focus on the full FBI for Benghazi, the two missing FBI 302s, the Petraeus sex case emails, Huma’s emails, Hillary’s emails, and Phillipe Reines’ emails. A lot of stuff will be unlocked with each disclosure, and I believe things will sound more credible. I can spill who I thought killed Michael Hastings and Paul Walker, but it won’t help until you get McChrystal, Reines, and Petraeus emails. Reines is your weak link. He sprayed information everywhere, showing off.

My Sources

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Judicial Watch Asks Federal Court to Find Government Misconduct in Clinton Email Scandal, Force Release of Documents

Yes, these reprisals against donors are going to continue. David Cameron was one of the first. The Cameron theory was it was a reprisal for breaking up so many Lockheed F35 deals with Typhoon fighters.

Another theory is McCabe at FBI did the limited hangout of the Panama Papers to show the Hillary folks the Gaddafi cash (and Honduras, Columbia, Somalia, etc, etc) was $265B, not $65B, and they knew where it was.

Lastly, McCabe loves to do these limited hangouts where he says he know exactly where the money, art, gold is, but there is some technicality in international law where he can’t get it. In other words, you have a couple of days to promote me or give me more agents, or I will figure a way around the technicality.

George concluded with this:

I’m going to repost this comment in an easier to read format:

>>> George, first let me say I love your videos and have been linking them to this site and to reddit and they’ve been getting some attention so bravo. However, as incredulous about the trafficking and FBIanon as you may be, there is one simple reason why I know they’re both true: the Time-Traveling Trump joke.

For those who are new to this and don’t understand the reference, on the original FBIanon posts, there was a joke circulating about Trump being a time traveler who found Nikola Tesla’s time-machine (Fred Trump purchased the property Tesla’s lab is on after Tesla passed away) Honestly, I thought that this person was just a very skilled role player and read his stuff bc they seemed fun/exciting. However, closer to election day, he stated that he and a few other agents were going to start fighting back and to watch for the signal on November 1 @ 11.

At exactly 11, on November 1, the OFFICIAL FBI Records Vault twitter account, after several months of inactivity, dumped many tweets, the first one being a seemingly random document about Tesla & Fred Trump. A nod to the people familiar with the 4chan posts. They are all still under gag-order and are in a very tense stand off with the rest of the government so the tweets they posted were smoke signals that an autist, like the ones who frequent 4chan, would see as a flaming beacon of where to look and what to ask for. The FOIA link they tweeted is them telling people to send in requests so they can dump documents and we can put the pieces together which people like you have had great success doing with the arms business. The Podesta emails and the FBI pedo imagery doc were just the more incendiary additions and the one people are going to latch onto. A lot of people aren’t going to care about the slaughter and instability going on in a part of the world we’ve been at war with for almost 20 yrs, but almost everyone is going to pissed at the thought of kids getting molested and traded like cattle.

So while I do greatly appreciate the seemingly more “sane” component of these people’s dealing, the fact of the matter is is that we are dealing with a network of individuals who are in such powerful positions that virtually anything is available for them to use as currency, and that includes people. I personally think that people need to stop focusing so much on that pizza parlor in D.C. but (instead) from the Podesta emails and other published reports on the subject matter, we can track spikes and lulls of child trafficking in countries like Haiti.

Hell, we uncovered the Laura Silsby connection to Clinton and Monica Peterson, a trafficking investigator from Denver, (who) was murdered in Haiti last month when she went down there to investigate to Clinton Foundation, specifically the Caracol operation they have. Her boss, whose name escapes me at the moment, used to work for Dyncorp, a company which shows up in the Podesta emails, when some concern was raised over a young boy who danced promiscuously as entertainment at a Dyncorp work function. Coincidentally, this same man had another female investigator die while in his employ around 2009 I believe.

Just like you’re piecing together the arms deal and oil business from the emails, we are linking together the other sordid side of this and together they paint a very, very bad picture, hence the MSM scramble for cover, NZ’s John Key resignation, Operation Darkroom aka the Norway pedo sting immediately after Norway cut over 90% of their donations to the CF, and the possibility of the false flag you mentioned. This is a global network of arms, money & sex scandal and the players are all ducking for cover.