The gang at Spitballers are watching the 48-hour telethon proving election fraud using machines.

Interesting conversations emanating from what’s being revealed during this presentation of evidence. For example:

Leon: “Can anyone kindly fill me in on what Lindell is up too and whats going on today?”

Suzy Q: “He played the premiere of the movie selection code last night. You can view it by searching on rumble. Be sure to select one that is the whole movie because many of the choices are just clips. He said today he will reveal more intel. I watched the selection code movie. It is mind blowing. He said that after today we should see the end of voting machines. I believe it’s being replayed on RSBN and can be found at Frankspeech.com”


Joe Lange: “Actually I believe exposing foreign interference first is important.

That is a massive red flag to normies.

Exposing that then leads to how?

Now we are getting Lindell circle back to the machines.

Then comes the people involved in our elections that are participating in the steal “knowingly”.


This is all being timed and laid out for the normies to understand easily.

Justice is coming.

Be patient

A great point that anybody can understand from the Lindell movie was the point that the companies that make the machines are fighting in court to protect proprietary secrets on machines that are supposed to be “just counting” machines.

What is proprietary?

How complicated could a counting machine be?

It’s obvious they don’t want anybody looking at the software which is accessed on the internet which is illegal in federal elections and they know it”

Rebecca: “I agree completely, but how will normies find out if MSM doesn’t tell them?”

Joe Lange: (We are the news now). “

We do! The large majority of people get their news from social media.

Our job is to spread truth everywhere.

We are why the news ratings are crashing for MSM

That’s an assignment we have to take seriously.

China involvement in our elections isn’t a distraction.

It’s an act of war.

It’s what this is all about.

It’s why we are in devolution.

It’s war, not crimes”

Did you guys see the connection yesterday in the movie to the Pit?

When she was accused of using someone else’s password?

At the Pit we were shown China had all the election officials passwords. 1.8 million election workers.

Dominion had them too.

They framed her by using someone else’s password and blaming her.

Believe me.

Trump and military intelligence know all of this.

This is all being timed.

Pit gave us actual evidence too.

This is how we get around the MSM.

Our job is to spread evidence everywhere”

Heather: “Actually, he has had contact with Catherine from TtV… because there’s digging going on. Even though they have it all, it’s still ‘circumstantial’ for the normies. They are still looking into Konnech. I think there might be money ties we might be missing… I don’t know (what I don’t know).”

JJmil: “I suspect many of the 300,000+ sealed indictments by Huber, are those very people you speak of.”

Joe Lange: “I want you to read this list of priorities in this latest bill signed into law by only democrats.

What do you notice?

All these priorities and every group that gets tax payer money are groups that give money to democrats.

They desperately need this money for the midterms.

The democrat party poll numbers are lower than I’ve seen in my life.

They can’t raise money from normal everyday Americans.

They need to launder tax payer money to groups that funnel it back to them.

The killing of Roe/Wade cut off a huge money stream.

Money is their life blood politically.

But here’s reality.

Their money cannot overcome the anger of the American people against them.

We’ve seen it in the primaries in many places already.

This “help elect democrats” bill full of money to democrats also raises taxes on almost everyone.

That is going to be a message going into the midterms that will destroy democrats.

We are witnessing the complete destruction of the democrat party.”


Another fascinating Addendum #4, was released by Patel on Trump’s Draft EO.  This draft EO contains so many clues…. First, it documents fraud that took place, and the Presidential findings on the flaws in the machines that were “intentionally and purposely designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.” 

Secondly, it documents by what authority the Pres has authorization to launch military operations in cyber space to counter such threats. 

Third, it documents foreign interference.  The Draft EO cites….”probable cause sufficient to require action under the authorities cited above because of evidence of international and foreign interference in the Nov 3, 2020, election.”  

And it describes the actions that may then be taken to mitigate the threat, i.e., “seize, collect, retain and analyze all machines, equipment, electronically stored information, and material records required for retention” under the U.S. records retention law.

I believe there are no coincidences in the timeline of how these events transpired….

EO 13848 was in place on Sep 12, 2018.  Oct 2020, DHS issued a homeland threat assessment, and included threats in the upcoming election.

Trump’s Draft EO dated Dec 16, 2020, just happens to be 2 days after the Electoral college met and voted for Biden on Dec 14.  What is the significance of that?  It cemented the crimes outlined in the Draft EO.  Recall Trump refers to Nov 3, as the REAL Insurrection.

The Draft EO states  ”….In fact, there is probable cause to find a massive cyber-attack by foreign interests on our crucial national infrastructure surrounding our election…..”

Per US policy with election systems classified as part of critical infrastructure, an attack on our election infrastructure crosses the threshold into War.

So if it was an Act of War, why was it unsigned, and why does it appear that it was not acted upon, considering the significance of the findings within it? 

On Dec 17 DNI Ratcliffe issued a verbal update, confirming foreign interference in our elections.  His formal report however, was late and wasn’t delivered to Congress until J7, one day AFTER the ratification.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so. IMO, it was necessary to ensure the smooth transition to military power (to comply with the requirements under the DoD Law of War Manual).

Was it really left in draft?  I’ve suggested previousl,y that I think the core of this may have been put into a PEAD, along with the Operation Order, to be used at the right time.  We know from the Draft EO that the legal authority exists which would be the basis to launch the seizure of all Dominion and other specified voting equipment, and carry out the orders within it.  And as of Jan 7, we have the official confirmation of Foreign election interference.  

Recall, Trump’s legal challenges failed, the information was censored, and was not acted upon.  The Left has framed the Draft EO as evidence of his intention for a coup. 

Trump tweeted that these states CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY the votes as true and correct, without committing a severely punishable crime.  So, how do you introduce evidence legally, and counter the previous narrative of the left of the Big Lie?  One way is to bait them into bringing the Draft EO into evidence in the J6 committee, and/or other legal proceedings.

I believe Trump and the military wanted it to be found, by the J6 committee or others, so that the irrefutable legal basis would be established when devo is launched.  

I DO believe that very soon the stars will align, and all of the disparate parts of this complex plan will come together, the election fraud, the treason, and Act of War.  I think it’s highly likely that the voting machines will be seized during this operation. When will that happen?  We don’t know. 

But we do know, that….


Joe Lange: “Lindell targets MAGA people.

The Pit was targeting Q people.

Q people are the tip of the spear in the information war.

We are the ones that drive the narrative and destroy the enemy narrative.

Q people are the diggers that feed all the info that MAGA then shares everywhere.

The China stuff is big and will now begin to be spread to everyone.

That’s why Q exists

To defeat the media narrative control.

We are winning.

Election fraud is now believed by a large majority.

Ped0philes are big news now.

The corruption in the Obama administration is mainstream now.

All of this has been planned”

General Flynn: “I thought this message written by an anonymous author was well worth sharing:


 “Even if I were pollinated and fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest pressure I have ever seen, even from partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues and doctors.

People who were capable of such personality, courage and critical ability are undoubtedly the best of humanity. They are everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, states and ideas. They are of a special kind; they are the soldiers that every army of light wants to have in its ranks. They are the parents that every child wants to have and the children that every parent dreams of having. They are beings above the average of their societies, they are the essence of the people who have built all cultures and conquered horizons. They are there, next to you, they look normal, but they are superheroes.

They did what others could not, they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion. And they did it because they thought they were alone, and believed they were the only ones.

 Banned from their families’ tables at Christmas, they never saw anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, let their careers sink, had no more money … but they didn’t care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciation, betrayal and humiliation … but they kept going.

 Never before in humanity has there been such a “casting”, now we know who are the best on planet Earth. Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races or religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything collapsed.

That’s you, you passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest Marines, Commandos, Green Berets, astronauts and geniuses could not withstand.

 You are made of the stuff of the greatest who ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who glow in the dark.”

Author unknown”

Just Julie: “Let me point out some truths and observations about Mike Lindell. 

He met with President T personally about the election.

President T did an interview with Mike.

I believe he has been at every rally of President T’s post election. 

President T recognizes him at every rally.

He has risked his life and his family’s life, by continuing his digging.

He has spent millions of dollars of his own money fighting this.

He spent millions of dollars on the Cyber Symposium, and did not produce the PCAPS.

He produced a slew of damning information yesterday.

President T said this is a must to watch this weekend(thank you @QuinnDixsept!)

All of this tells me that Mike is important to President T.  If he is important to the President, I am paying attention. This is my spitball. Mike had the goods with the PCAPS. Something happened that didn’t allow him to present the data. Either, the W Hats told him it could not be revealed yet,(too soon) or it was discovered the DS had a hit on him. If he has nothing, why continue to spend your own money, and risk your life and your family’s? You don’t. You keep fighting because you have something. President T does everything for a reason, and if he points someone out, pay attention.

JJmil: “Great points JuJu.! I also believe Mike has the goods and the PCAPS … And for whatever reason it was held back. I have a hunch he was asked to hold off.  We know that all of this is being timed.”

Michelle: “Perhaps he was turned on by the FBI just like Gregg. Him having that info could be considered a threat to national security.”

Brian Cates: “Oh I’m sure that’s just an accidental feature that happened all by itself; it’s not like the CCP military guys that wrote the code did that on purpose or anything like that.  😬”

Just Julie: “My patience for what we are experiencing right now, leans 95% patience. Why? Because I am 100% sure the plan started in 1963 with JFK’s assassination, by the DS. This is almost 60 years of deeply rooted evil, that cannot be cut out quickly, and I believe we only have one chance to fix it. So I am very calm most days, knowing it will be done, when it is supposed to.

On another note, this same person gets in the car, and has no patience for bad drivers. She uses her horn, flashes her lights, and shouts obscenities at the offenders! 😂 work in progress..I say out loud, sorry Lord, sorry for the language, please give me patience. “

Heather: “Critical Infrastructure, CISA, SolarWinds (who dint even know hey we’re hacked and were told by someone else!). Guys! It’s like Devolution hard proof. It all ties in and we should All be watching!”

I hope you are watching Lindell.

Dr Frank is proving my point.

This isn’t about a handful of swing states that cheated.

They have lots of evidence that not only was there cheating in every single county in the country but that they are all tied to a central system.

It’s a nationwide conspiracy.

A giant RICO case.

This is going through the courts not the legislatures.

Frank has shown this evidence to legislatures.

They have failed to move on it.

Arizona is being set up and placed on the tee.

Brnovich and the audit are right around the corner.

The election overturned is the Keystone to everything happening in my opinion.

Joe Lange:

I just heard Lindell drop a nugget I hadn’t heard.

The court stopped Tarrant county in Texas from deleting their voter images like they did in Mesa county Colorado.

Tarrant county was where massive fraud happened in Texas. Maybe the highest fraud in Texas.

More circumstantial evidence I’m looking for that ties our AG Paxton to the Arizona AG Brnovich.

There are audits going on in several counties in Texas that nobody is talking about.

Tarrant county is one of them.


Karma Patriot: “TrueTheVote replied to my Truth Social post about a way to find out if our names were in the CCP stolen data.

I also emailed Leslie Rutledge, my Attorney General. Will post both replies when I hear back.

Happy Sunday.



Heather: It’s been in the news. Top security court rooms even. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/29/us/politics/pentagon-guantanamo-secret-courtroom.html

I’ve watched many videos on it. But if you really want to know what’s going on watch spacemonkey.  He has spyglass and he explains what is going on in our air all the time. He talks about how many planes are going into gitmo and he’s even brought up video of the satellite view from 2016 to today.  It’s is so much bigger. Look him up. Or just duck duck go a search.

This one flies from Florida to There often but don’t know much about flight.

That’s supposedly the commander or worker teams. There’s also supply shipments. Apparently you can’t use military planes to send people there (is a thing) that’s why they hire out birds like Phoenix Air. That’s how we found Maxwell.

Joe Lange: “I hope you are watching Lindell.

Dr Frank is proving my point.

This isn’t about a handful of swing states that cheated.

They have lots of evidence that not only was there cheating in every single county in the country but that they are all tied to a central system.

It’s a nationwide conspiracy.

A giant RICO case.

This is going through the courts not the legislatures.

Frank has shown this evidence to legislatures.

They have failed to move on it.

Arizona is being set up and placed on the tee.

Brnovich and the audit are right around the corner.

The election overturned is the Keystone to everything happening in my opinion.”

Interesting that Keshel is now focusing on an Arizona county and a Texas county.

Navajo county and Bell county.

A state Trump lost barely and one he won easy.

Coincidence that the two AG’s attached to Trump in the election fraud RICO case?

Proving cheating in every state.

Not just states Trump barely lost.

Court case coming in my opinion

E Walter: :It is bigger than that though. It comes down to what the courts can do Constitutionally. I am with JJ on whether or not courts are going to be able to rule on elections.”

Joe Lange: “Wrong. This isn’t about politics.

It’s war

Evidence of a nationwide conspiracy in every county with help from China cannot be ignored by the SC.

Won’t happen 

In my opinion it’s been the plan all along to prove to the normies while Trump is off the stage that it’s about upholding the law and the constitution.

This is the keystone to wake up the normies and be the lead in to the final act.


The court rules on constitutional issues.

It’s a really simple question.

Was this election constitutional?

Evidence of a conspiracy to cheat in every county with help from China says no.

I don’t believe that it will be handed back to the legislatures at all.

State legislatures don’t have plenary power to cheat.

Fraud charges everything.

Proven fraud in every county and every state in the country that was allowed by state legislatures who put in place laws that installed machines to steal the peoples votes remove their plenary power.

Their plenary power over elections does not supersede the peoples right to a free and fair election.

Think about it.

The state legislatures have all been shown this evidence already.

They’ve done nothing.

The election is unconstitutional and the court will rule that way in my opinion.

The state legislatures are part of the reason we are where we are now.

As I have suggested a possible path is criminal indictments by election officials forcing one state to decertify. 


Democrats sue to stop it because they know it’s the first domino.

Evidence entered into courts.

The case gets expedited to the SC.

No way they punt.

As Lindell has suggested and I agree.

9-0 ruling to toss the unconstitutional election and act of war.

No rule or law PROTECTS what is unconstitutional and lawless.

It’s coming. That’s why Trump has mentioned it several times


D Persona: “Roberts has been the bump in the road for some time. The courts have been saying its a political question or parties have not standing. That is going to change when the foreign interference, the investigated evidence, and a few other moist bits are brought forward. 

As Joe said, its coming.”

Joe Lange: “Trump has said it several times. That the SC hasn’t seen the evidence yet and they have a lot of evidence. They will have a big decision then.

That’s what Trump has said and not that long ago either”

E Walter: “Joe how do criminal indictments force Arizona to decertify. Arizona can decertify on the fraud in Maricopa county alone. They can vote through the state legislature to do it because it is in their state constitution.”

Joe Lange: “But they haven’t even after the first ever forensic audit.

What will force them to?


There’s also another path to the courts.

The state legislatures have plenary power over elections and standing.

If they have evidence that there was a nationwide conspiracy with help from China (we are getting that evidence from Lindell and the Pit) then they can sue in federal court to overturn the FRAUD.

The evidence has yet to be seen in courts yet.

I believe this has always been the plan but we had to get the normies on board.

It’s over 70% now believe there was fraud and that’s before the evidence we have been handed over the last month.

The table is being set to overturn the election.

That’s what we are witnessing and what’s coming in my opinion

A governor has no constitutional power over elections.

Governors over stepping their authority is the problem along with Secretary of States

A little nugget.

This has all been planned.

It’s the largest conspiracy case in history and have you noticed how many people who are exposing election fraud in various states have been gathering a lot of “affidavits?”

There’s a reason.

The courts have yet to see the evidence and as Trump says, “We have a lot!”

The evidence will be so overwhelming even the liberal judges will be faced with a choice.

Overturn the election or become an enemy combatant.

It will be a 9-0 decision 

Keystone to leading into mass arrests

Remember that the SC doesn’t resume until Oct 1.

But they can make an emergency ruling at any time.

Is there a bigger emergency than a stolen nationwide election and act of war?

We only need one state legislature and I believe the plan has always been Arizona.

Q told us Maricopa county back in 2018 as they monitored the cheating.

Q didn’t name another county and it’s no coincidence that is the place for the first ever forensic audit.

This has all been planned.

As Q often said.

“Enjoy the show.”

Joseph Frazine: “Joe, shouldn’t the legislators in states be held accountable for their actions of doing nothing? I believe there is no excuse in the 21st century and and should be thrown in jail. They work for us, we are their employer.”

Joe Lange: That’s all gonna depend on who is directly involved in helping the steal and who has flipped and who hasn’t

A reckoning is coming my friend.

Some are involved in the steal and coverup and will face justice.

Others that did nothing I believe we the people will vote out En mass

So many things I see lining up for September and October

All talk of 2024 is distraction

404: I gotta agree with Joe. If the SC fails to act, I believe that means all branches are compromised and the military will have no choice but to step in. It will be an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

JJMil: “I think the RICO case has a lot of merit, and Kash Patel told us that the civil RICO case may connect with the Federal cases, and bring about discovery.  However, as you said, some of these cases may take a long time going through criminal courts.  The Supremes will not be involved in any criminal proceeding where evidence is presented, because that’s not the way SCOTUS works.  They may be the final arbiter in resolving disputes from a lower court, but they are not going to overturn the entire election IMO, as I’ve heard mentioned previously.

Remember that Trump went through all the courts, both state and federal, prior to the inauguration of Biden, and it all failed.  THAT is why we are in devolution.  We’ve gone past any solutions that were in the Constitution.  All civilian avenues failed to remedy the situation.  There was then a handoff to military control on J20, which means the military is in control (covertly at present).  IMO, we are presently operating under military law, and the public just doesn’t know it yet.  I think the only thing that court action (if any) will do at this point, is act as a trigger for the military to become overt and step in.  Either court action, or legislatures decertifying based on evidence or what comes out in court, will put Biden in actual illegitimate status., triggering the military.  Just my opinion.”

Joe Lange: “It’s coming JJ which is why Trump specifically mentions it.

If the SC of Arizona takes a case revealing all the evidence and declares the election completely fraud and an act of war then it will be kicked up to the Supreme Court and there is zero chance that once the evidence has been introduced into court records that the Supreme Court will punt and say there’s nothing they can do.

This will not start at the Supreme Court. It will finish there.

They will declare to the world that the entire election was fraud.

It’s coming