The newest discovery in the group I’ve nicknamed “The Smart Anons,” consisting of Patel Patriot, Just Human, Brian Cates, Joe Lange, and many others you often see quoted on my site. Tonight, I’m introducing you to Richard the Saint through his writings. I think you’ll find him as interesting as I do. To get us started, first this… you’ll understand why once you begin reading RtS essay that follows.

Do you ever get the feeling like we’ve all been duped? Like this is some sick game and we’re nothing more than pawns on the chessboard of the elite?

Good, because I don’t either. These elites aren’t nearly as smart as we give them credit for being. I mean, if the face of climate change is Al Gore, AOC, and that deranged teenage Holly Hobbie chick, then it has self-destruction written all over it. Trump said it right when he said these are just really dumb people with money.

I don’t like giving advice to people I consider to be just as if not wiser that I am…but here I go. ADVICE: Please do not make the gigantic mistake of putting hats on people. Just assume that everyone is the enemy of Trump with the exception of a very choice few. From Tucker to Maddow….from Palin to Pelosi… doesn’t matter how big the gap is between perceived bias. Anybody with money or power will be loyal to the source of that money or power. 

A Michael Flynn is a rare breed in a fallen world. 

Additionally, we need to understand the reason around the gap between good and evil. But even for the evil it can seem perplexing why they cannot see what is so very clear. For example, Joe Biden is and never was fit to serve in any office much less the Presidency. The fact that apparently intelligent people on the other side like a Rachel Maddow or Chris Wallace can’t see obvious truth is nothing more than further proof of God. God very specifically tells us that he will blind the eyes of the ungodly in ‘while seeing they cannot see’ and ‘while hearing they cannot hear’. He’s removing them as obstacles in his plan.

In my mind, we need to be focused on figuring out what the smart people are up to and not the other way around. This is much more intellectually challenging and immensely more hopeful. 


Hello? Is there anybody out there? Have we forgotten who this man is? Are we under the impression that Donald Trump suddenly transformed himself from master of entertainment media into a geo-political genius during the course of one campaign cycle in 2015? It would be completely idiotic to think such a thing. Does that make him any less brilliant? Of course not. In fact, it makes him all the more brilliant because he never (and still has not to this day) strayed away from his sweet spot which is mass communication and persuasion. Sometimes we’re aware but other times it’s not obvious to the naked eye (or ear). Sometimes it’s via text, sometimes video, sometimes via audio. He is equally effective regardless of the medium. 

Sometimes it’s planned and other times…well…it’s even more planned.

And it’s a very good thing (Republic-saving thing) that he never went off that reservation because he has used his extraordinarily vast communication skill stack to literally transform an entire generation. Whether you like Trump or hate Trump, to paint him as a reckless buffoon who has no idea what he is doing only shows you to be a buffoon who has no idea what you’re saying. 

Often times we look at those on the other side of our worldview and there is nothing they can say or do that would make us appreciate their skill because we’re clouded by our disdain for them. This is true for Donald Trump because the perceptions that those on the other side have of him cloud their view from being able to see his skill.

Before we get into the heart of the matter today let’s play a little game of ‘Did You Know?’ Did you know that the internet domain was first registered on November 18, 2011? And then almost 10 years to the day it was re-registered by Devin Nunes and the gang at Truth?

It is interesting that Truth Social existed 10 years before it existed. Don’t you think?

But I think what individually happened in November of 2011 should not and in my mind cannot be decoupled with what happened almost exactly 1 year later in November of 2012……

The notion that Donald Trump has ever been flying by the seat of his pants is perhaps the dumbest idea I have ever heard. If you want to think in terms of what you’re being spoon-fed then that is your prerogative. But if you think in terms of things being ‘born at conception’ then perhaps this timeline is a better representation of reality…

2004 – Facebook

2006 – Twitter

2008 – Obama

2010 – Instagram

2011 – domain registered

2012 – Make American Great Again trademarked

2016 – Trump wins

2020 – Keep America Great established

2021 – Facebook become Meta

2021 – TruthSocial goes live

2022 – Twitter stumbles

2022 – Save America established

2023 / 2024 – ?

With complete morons like Romney and Zuckerberg providing the Rino and Big Tech corruption early on, it certainly didn’t take much additional incentive for the Great MAGA King to sew the seeds. I am not a prophet but it’s becoming more and more obvious there has been a plan that is much longer in timing and scope than many ever conceived.


Love him or hate him, there is no denying the masterful expertise of someone like Scott Adams; creator of Dilbert and author of many best sellers including Win Biglywhich was written almost exclusively about communication in the age of fake news and Trump.

Regardless of how you feel about Adams personally, he is one of the very few people qualified to provide insights based on how mass communications and broad-based persuasion work. Listen to this clip with that in mind.

“I’ve got a background in hypnosis and I’ve studied persuasion for decades as part of my job. And I see in him more persuasion power than I’ve ever seen in one human being”. – Scott Adams

Again, we have to set aside alignment or misalignment on political or social views because that completely disconnected from his persuasion and communication skill knowledge. What makes Adams uniquely qualified in his perspective is that he has attained great wealth and notoriety almost exclusively because of his ability to persuade and potentially influence his audience. What Scott understands is that this mystique around Trump playing 4D chess while most around him are playing checkers is anything but a myth or fabrication. 

So, what I want to do in this issue is discuss how for nearly 7 years President Trump has utilized his unparalleled communication style and technique in ways that have slayed his enemies at ever turn. He has spoken things into existence that never existed. He has made things disappear that were right before your eyes. But more importantly, he has made promises to multiple millions of Americans and he’s using every tactic known to man to make good on those promises.

It’s been one setup after another.


Sometimes when unexpected circumstances arise on the movie set you just have to write in some scenes you never really planned for at the beginning. From the moment it started, Trump knew this was coming directly from “enemies domestic” but he also knew it wasn’t really within his control, so he wasn’t going to touch this with a 10 foot pole. So what does he do? Well, since you never put together the “A” team for battles you can’t win, he assembled the “bad news bears,” Corona Virus Task force, whom he knew had more baggage than you could even imagine. And then he roles out the calm, cool, and collected Mike Pence who takes the stage and communicates to the American people that Fauci and Birx are telling us that we just need “15 days”. Scott Adams would call this a verbal kill shot that was actually coming from Trump. In other words, Pence was not telling the American people we need 15 days but rather Trump telling Fauci and Birx (via Mike Pence) that “I am giving you 15 days.”  

Who is now taking the brunt of the abuse when it comes to the 15 days narrative? It’s not Trump and it’s not Pence. Anthony Fauci is enemy #1 for all things COVID and will be until he goes to his grave. Donald Trump used Pence early on to steal a narrative that they knew quite well they could use against their enemies later on because after all…they were just “following the science.” 

So follow the science they did and it got complex. However, it only seems complicated at the surface level but if you stop and consider the circumstances, it’s really not as complicated as one might think. First of all, we need to understand that of all the circumstances that Trump had to endure this is the one that was the most thrusted upon him and more importantly, one that he knew would cause casualties. This was war and not just in the psychological sense but in the physical sense. The virus (or whatever it was) was here and the plan was always to kill people. Well, we found out early on that they couldn’t really kill people with COVID which is why we witnessed every manner of death become a “COVID death,” from cancer to ventilators, to car wrecks. 

So the race was on. It was Operation Warp Speed vs. Operation Body Counts.

The power of repetition in communication cannot be overstated. In fact, in his book Win Bigly, Scott Adams talks about how Trump has so mastered at this skill that he used it as a form of hypnosis on the larger topics. For example, the wall, the fake news, and even the very term MAGA.

Back on October 31, 2020, the great CNN did a hit piece on President Trump entitled…

In that piece they tried to create a narrative whereby every time that Trump used phrases like “It’s going to disappear” or “It’s going away” or “It’s going to be gone,” then the infections would rise.

What CNN and other corrupt media outlets didn’t realize is that Trump had an 8-month head start on all of them. So by the time they started spewing out crap like the above piece, 80% of America already had it in their brains that COVID was all but gone, because there are only so many motorcycle accidents or stage 4 cancer deaths you can call a COVID death before the average person is done with it altogether.

Nobody wins with COVID, but it was a Trump setup because he hoisted them on their own petard. The corrupt media COVID narrative was crippled because even several on the corrupt side didn’t even realize in some respects they’d too had become… “TRUMPmatized.”

Below are 37 times between February and October of 2020 that Trump publicly declared COVID as going away or disappearing. They are for illustration purposes only but they give you an idea of the sheer quantity of times he made these declarations…

(I won’t reprint them here because, well… there are 37 of them. You can read them at the link.)

I like how he goes out with a bang in saying…

The vaccine will end the pandemic. But it’s ending anyway. I mean, they go crazy when I say it. It’s going to peter out and it’s going to end. But we’re going to help the end and we’re gonna make it a lot faster with the vaccine and with the therapeutics and frankly with the cures.

As of that October 15th comment there were about 3 weeks until election day.

But COVID was only part of the pandemic battle.

There’s so much more good reading over at Richard the Saint’s place, you can either take my word for it, or head over and see for yourself. He’s kinda like a good cigar for conservative Trump/MAGA aficionados.

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