President Trump just retruthed Dan Scavino’s Storm video along with a new message.

Ultra Pepe Lives Matter reminds us…

Remember the storm video with the song literally called Where We Go One We Go All playing behind it? Well, Trump retruthed and said our country is going to come back stronger than ever before. If this doesn’t encourage you this morning, then I don’t know what will. 

One of the main purposes of the precipice was to help people become activated to fight back after seeing how close we really were to losing every single freedom we hold dear. 

Do you love America now more than ever? I do.  

After seeing what their plans were through the plandemic ( medical surveillance state, no freedom, no personal choice, you will own nothing and be happy, forced compliance and servitude), I love the constitution even more dearly. 

This was all incorporated into the plan. Trump is telling you he has his Trump cards in his back pocket, it’s going to turn out well, and he wants all of us to fight as hard as he does for his beautiful country. And I imagine many of you have learned to cherish freedom. 

This safeguards our future in many ways. 

Mission accomplished.

The best is yet to come and anons know it.Β