“Like the teacup ride at DisneyWorld”

by Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

Kash reiterates that the FBI raid make Watergate look like the tea cup ride at Disney World.

“Now you have a six-year saga of criminal activity from Russiagate to the raid. It’s the same people who started and launched Russiagate that are now supervising and doing the Mar-A-Lago raid… And the mainstream media is covering and applauding it…

This same crew want to hide from the public the 40% of documents that Devin and I found during Russiagate but were unable to get out to the public. The documents that President Trump declassified….Stay tuned. All roads begin and end with Russiagate and I think we are going to be proven right.”

Are those documents coming soon? This reeks of panic.

By Radiopatriot

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