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So now, meet Jytte, a colleague in search for truth.

The Big Picture – Part 1

Seen from Denmark 


May 10


Part 1 – Introduction

My investigation into this started when we were informed, here in Denmark, that a global pandemic was breaking out – and we were given guidelines such as masks, distance, disinfectant, and lockdowns, all of which to me were suspicious attacks on our immune system.

“Are they total idiots” was the thought that set me in motion on March 11, 2020. Because if they were not total idiots, why did they attack our immune system?

I’ve never been interested in politics because I saw politicians as actors, as un-authenticactors. I never saw an entire News broadcast, the five times I tried, because I did not want to get used to watching war and disasters. I didn’t like the drama with which the news was presented. And I’ve not had a TV for many years.

I live on a smaller island close to a stunning stretch of coastline. I have a great wild-at-will garden. I was in the process of retiring after 30 years as a privately practicing psychotherapist. I only worked one day a week in Copenhagen. Before that career, I was an acrobat and driver of a horse-drawn circus for 12 years. Traveling at 4 km per hour was an excellent presence training.

I went for long walks, meditated 4 hours a day, knitted, and read English fantasy – up until March 11. I’m curious about human nature, and all my life I’ve sought to understand motives, values and interactions. 

So, my research started with the premise: Their orders are unhealthy. If they are not totally idiots – why then?

When I found out that the PCR test was fabricated in 2017 with a label that said “Covid-19,” and I saw that doctors who recommended vitamins C, D, and zinc to boost the immune system were censored on Facebook, all alarm bells went off. Over the next few months, I researched 12 to 16 hours a day and found a worse and worse picture.

I realized that:

The “pandemic” was part of a much larger plan to reduce the global population from 7.5 billion people to half a billion. The survivors should be under the control of an elite, and ideally – from their point of view – should all be chipped robots. 

This crisis was planned for years back and was described in Rockefeller’s Lock Steps in 2010. One of these Steps was lockdowns, which aimed to ruin the middle- and underclasses and thus make us financially dependent on public services.

In other words, I noticed that the pandemic was not the answer to “Why?” The right question that I had found the answers to was “How?” The pandemic was a weapon, a method.

But Why?

The more I searched, the clearer it became that the answer was: Because a global Cabal wants to control the people of the planet, wants one-world-government.

So, “Who?” became my next focal point. I followed tracks from Klaus Schwab (WEF), Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, The Golden Club, Davos – and many more. The further down the Rabbit Hole I came, the clearer it became that there was a power pyramid and that some of those at the top of it was Rothschild and Rockefeller.

These families – and other Big Rats – are an article in itself – and I will post a part 2.

But the question “Who?” is also what led me to the United States.

Countries in Europe have been bankrupted since 2009, and we are all deeply indebted to Rothschild. So why are we not long ago incorporated into The Great Reset? The answer I found is:


In October 2020, I turned my attention to the United States and studied Trump. I realized that the picture drawn of this man on Facebook was totally misleading and insulting. 
Instead, I saw a patriot, a warrior, a highly intelligent man who fought for his people, fought for the Constitution – and who swore he would drain the Swamp.

He obviously had a clear picture of the enemy’s plans and was aware that The Great Reset could not be launched if America’s economy was strong. He shed light on the Swamp Rats, their plans, and their henchmen in the media, government, and agencies, nationally and globally. He was a breath of fresh air. Listening to him was like getting up and breathing after almost drowning. I fell head over heels for him.

I also spotted Q, and I was on a steep learning curve over the next months. So many abbreviations of names and agencies that I did not find an explanation for! And that I, for the most part, had no idea about who they were and what their deeds – or crimes – had been. But the big picture was clear.

This is war, and these Good Guys had a plan.

What was particularly impressive was that Q had warned in good time about censorship – and thus, Anons and Patriots had made sure that their voices were not suffocated. They created platforms, and they created memes, videos, podcasts, and articles that awakened more and more people.

One of these podcasters was X22, which I followed daily from October 2020. From there, I was introduced to Patel Patriot, Devolution, and thus to Spitballers. Here I found a colossal confirmation of what I had experienced via Q: There is a plan. Trump and his team have ensured that the swamp will be drained. Where Q is an anonymous source, PP’s Devolution is based on facts. And both sources show: This is a sting operation.

I hardly follow Denmark anymore – it’s too depressing and frustrating how these puppets steadily follow the Cabals’ nefarious plan.

I follow the United States, Devolution, and Trump. Cause I am convinced that the flood that will drain the Swamp full of Rats comes from the United States. I collect the drips, presented daily, and pass them on to Danish freedom fighters on mewe, in the hope that it will help keep their spirits up – until the flood comes.

Devolution has given us a clear picture of the White Hats. Who they are, What their overall plan is, and Why they have implemented this Continuity of Government plan. When it comes to How and When we have each other dear Spitballers. We have hypotheses, guesses, and opinions – and we share information that can shed light on How and When.

As I read the articles, I was impressed and grateful. However, I also realized that the painted BIG PICTURE was not the full BIG PIC.

IMO there are two overlapping BIG PICs. WH and BH. In other words: Trump’s plans to drain the Swamp and the Cabals’ plans for world domination. Patel has painted a masterpiece of the WH’s BIG PIC. 

I came from another direction: I have seen the BH’s BIG PIC in detail. I was a little frustrated the first few months at SB that I could not write about one of the enemy’s most important weapons, the so-called vaccines. At the same time, I fully understood this rule. Because if there’s anything that can make minds boil and cause a diversion, it’s the jabs. So, I have entirely accepted that rule on SB.

When Trump says “Drain the Swamp,” I hear: This time, the big Swamp Rats will not get away with retreating into the shadows – in order to return and continue their nefarious plans in a few years. This time, they must be held accountable. And they will be held responsible in a way that can awaken populations in America, Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, which are the countries The Cabal has infiltrated the most.

In the 18 months, I’ve been on US platforms, I’ve often seen Americans understandably focus on election fraud and corruption in US government and agencies. I have seen Patriots completely awake to the media agenda of brainwashing people – and I’ve learned a lot. 

I’ve also seen that there is not much talk about the global dimension – and I rarely see names like Rothschild and Rockefeller mentioned.

I think a lot of impatience and irritation comes from a lack of understanding of how big the Swamp is, that Trump is about to drain, lack of insight into the historical perspective: The Cabal has been working on their agenda for hundreds of years.

For my part, the prospect of these big rats soon being held accountable gives me great patience.

As previously mentioned, I have plans of one more article where I can hopefully shed some light on these big rats and their agenda.

Link to Part 2 here

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