by Joe Lange

Spit Ball 

Trump’s latest Truth

Message to the normies 

The Counterinsurgency manual describes a strategy where you turn the population against the insurgency.

This Truth by Trump is directed right at the normies.

It hits several targets at once preparing the normies for what’s coming.

He’s setting the table.

First, he slams the corrupt FBI.

What’s about to happen?

The corrupt members of the FBI that helped frame Trump for Obama and Hillary are finally about to be indicted.

FISA is the start.

Hey McCabe, you sleeping much?

Second, he ties it to the stolen election.


Because it’s all connected. These aren’t isolated incidents, it is a massive conspiracy involving many people in and out of government.

The normies don’t know that.

Third, he mentions that the amount of fraud has never been seen before in our country’s history.


Fourth, it will require a REMEDY that is also unprecedented.

Who decides REMEDIES?


Fifth, he offers the normies two solutions as a REMEDY, already knowing which one is coming. He wants the normies to see this, at the very minimum, is about the people’s right to vote, not about him.

Sixth, declares a new vote, the REMEDY should happen IMMEDIATELY.

Message to us?

It’s coming quickly. It’s right around the corner.