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I have a couple of pilot friends who fly (or in one case, flew) for commercial legacy airlines. Another one flies corporate jets. I sent them the link to my earlier post “We’re All Flying without a Net” about a special event held yesterday, a Zoom call during which numerous whistleblowers, pilots, and aviation specialists spoke about their grave concerns regarding the Covid-19 vaccination program and the risk it poses to aviation and public safety. They introduced for the first time publicly a senior-level FAA whistleblower. 

Here’s my conversation with one of my pilot friends who responded to the post:

I’ve been warning about this from the beginning

Finally – a whistle-blower grows a spine

WTF took him so long?

I met a woman who is a flight attendant for a major airline. (She’s on leave following a knee replacement). When I brought up the topic of pilots and jabs, she seemed non-plussed, and even discounted the effect the shot has had on the diminished workforce in the cockpit.

The liability from this vaxx is eventually going to dwarf anything this world has ever experienced . . . once people understand it was a bio weapon used against ALL of us who aren’t on the ‘list’ of Elites.

Yep. I’m posting now a piece about the Rockefellers. Nasty people. Parasites.

As for the flight attendants, the lies and the bias-confirmation have worked on the population

Most Conservative pilots I know still defend getting jabbed

It’s beyond insanity

When you think about it, it is positively frightening at how people can be led. Tucker Carlson did a piece on his show last night advancing an interview he’s done for his Fox Nation online program that addresses that very topic. There are only 5% of us who will speak out, and that’s a dangerous place to be. 30% will believe anything they’re told. 70-75% won’t believe it but will keep their mouths shut out of fear.

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