Lookee here… reach out to me for satisfaction. Call my name for quick reaction, hey hey hey!

Scavino just posted this right in the middle of Biden’s speech attacking “MAGA Republicans”. 

Epic troll.

The Ghosts in The Machine did a fine job setting Biden up with this Dark,  Authoritarian Motif. 

Nice work, frens. 👏


What time is it? Time for a new vidya from yours truly. This one is a basically a red pill A-Bomb in video form. It was easily the most challenging video I have edited yet. I tried my best to show all the corruption that surrounds us. Waking up to it is step one to changing it. 

Music: Tom McDonald – The System

I hope y’all like it! As always – I will *never charge to view my videos, however should you feel so inclined to give me a tip, you can do so at: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jtfac1776