Part 2 is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because the FBI ‘Taint’ Team that was supposed to find and separate out Attorney Client Privileged materials KNOWINGLY passed it on to the Investigative team without separating it out. The FBI just got caught.

This is factually accurate.  The Special Master is going to hold and prove the FBI raid team knowingly violated the law.  

But all the idiots are listening to William Barr on Fox News doing his role and babbling this Special Master thing won’t last.  

Prepare for another massive rug pull.

After this Danchenko trial is underway and the bombs start dropping, I fully expect Barr to come out and say he’s embarrassed he appointed this guy.  

And the idiots will keep eating it up.

Judge Cannon establishes the scope of the Special Master’s [SM’s] forthcoming investigation into the FBI’s raid of Mar A Lago [MAL]

1. Review the seized property for personal items, privileged material due to attorney/client relationship or executive privliege

2. This is going to entail the SM establishing the actual parameters of the search warrant and seeing if the raid team exceeded it and took items it should not have taken

Also note this section:  “…the Court also temporarily enjoins the Government from reviewing and using the seized materials for investigative purposes pending completion of the Special Master’s review or further Court order.”

Allow me to translate that for those of you in Rio Linda: 

“The DOJ/FBI can’t use anything seized in the MAL raid to develop any case/s against Trump or his associates until the Special Master is done and issues his/her final report.”  

If the goal was to charge Trump before the midterms, they’re stuck now. They can’t make a move using any of the stuff the grabbed during the MAL raid until the Special Master’s investigation has concluded. 

And hey…who knows when that will be?  1 month from now? Six months from now?  A year?  

Big, big mad that the Federal Judge granted Trump a Special Master to stop the FBI & DOJ witch hunt. The Left are literally losing their shit that a Judge put a road block in the way of their #AmericanKGB witch hunt.

They are really mad.

— Brian Cates, Just Human, The Library