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…high level intelligence operation run in conjunction with the NSA and Military Intelligence put into place by President Trump as a way to bypass the media and establish a direct communication backchannel with the people by starting with his most fervent, dedicated, and savvy supporters – the Anons, in order to overthrow an ancient cult/Cabal that had, as its goal the complete destruction of America.

For those who are new to this site, and as a refresher to anons who understand the Q ops, I’m reprinting the definition so aptly written by “Neon Revolt” in his book Revolution Q.

Utilizing a Socratic style of writing, Q would begin slow-rolling disclosures about the Cabal actors and their nefarious plans, as well as reframe certain incorrect, yet commonly held assumptions (and correcting them, when fit) in order to “awaken” the people to the reality that had been hidden from them for decades.

The ultimate goal of all of this was to reach a tipping point, where a certain critical mass of people would gain a level of prerequisite knowledge previously unheard of in the world, creating, in essence, a decentralized intelligence agency made up of hundreds of thousands of Anons (if not millions) running 24/7, all working with each other to research, write, disseminate and meme nonstop, not only to counter the national narratives, but to create a “safety-net” of mental and emotional support for when the rest of the population would be unwillingly (at least at first) forced into the light by events that would start to erupt around them — such as mass arrests, military tribunals and even executions of formerly beloved politicians.”

Q’s first post was designed to get our attention with an event that presaged a future event.

This was followed 90 minutes later with another “drop” loaded with clues that forced Anons to think and begin digging for the answers.

Revolution Q

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Buy Revolution Q by #NeonRevolt! – Neon Revolt

Revolution Q: The Story of QAnon and the 2nd American Revolution is the culmination of over a year’s worth of writing and research. I’ve taken nearly 500 jam-packed pages to delve into the world of Q, and present the most explosive information in the most approachable, and understandable way possible.

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  • Q’s goal, simply stated, is to create a crowd-sourced parallel…

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Revolution Q The Story of QAnon and the 2nd American RevolutionNeon Revolt. 3.5 • 21 Ratings; $9.99; $9.99; Publisher Description. … That’s where Neon Revolt comes in. Having tracked Q from the earliest days, and having been immersed in the culture prior to the advent of Q, there are few in the world able to tell the story of QAnon quite …

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Book review: Revolution Q by Neon Revolt – YouTube

If there was just one book I would recommend to you for all things conspiracy, it would be this book.Revolution Q by Neon Revolt, released in late 2019, is a…

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Revolution Q (eBook) by neon revolt (Author)

Revolution QRevolution Q (eBook) by neon revolt (Author) 169,072 Words; Who Is QAnon? There’s a revolution going on in America, and up until this point, most had no idea anything was happening at all. Unbeknownst to the general public, an insider embedded deep within the Trump administration was given a nearly impossible task:

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  1. My brother and I have outlined how Q and the WWG1WGA movement is all in the Bible at https://www.revelationforgentiles.com/ Especially read Blog 2: “Was Q Foretold by God – The Q Prophecy.” We were given this prophecy shortly after we started our website. Our stuff is so different, so intriguingly written and still syncs up with the Bible! You’ll love the time you spend reading our information.

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