Watch this in its entirety. Nevertheless, at approximately the 8 minute mark, Kash goes into detail about the transition. He leaves little doubt this was all done legally and the transition to Biden as President (sadly) was fully completed. The outgoing administration is legally bound to do so. The “no-fail” mission of the DOD is a full transition! We know many of you will refuse to accept this, but there is more. This is from Kash’s website Fight with Kash:

Among all government agencies, the DOD holds the most solemn responsibility to conduct a seamless transfer of power from one administration to the next.

At the outset of this historic process, it was important to me that the transition with our DOD political and career officials take place in full transparency and in a collegial manner. Though that was deemed ambitious by many cynics in today’s highly charged political environment, the department’s professionals nonetheless quietly went about the business of the transition with remarkable efficiency. They carried out the process with precision, poise and honor.

Joe Biden’s Administration was fully transitioned. We can debate the powers that remained in the office Biden assumed, but it is clear that Biden is President and Commander in Chief. Trump fully transitioned the Executive Branch of government to Biden’s transition team as required by law. That does NOT mean Biden’s transition team accomplished this task successfully. It is very plausible that Biden’s transition team screwed things up, ran into legal challenges or resistance from other agencies, or even encountered constitutional challenges they did not anticipate. We cannot assume that these anomalies are some indication that somehow Biden is not fully president or CIC. Until proven otherwise, what are we to assume?

There is no question that many of Trump’s directives in foreign policy (Doha Agreement, Operation Porcupine, and Guantanamo Bay expansion) seem to contradict Biden’s own agenda. That doesn’t just mean he is not the President or the CIC. What might be considered a proof that somehow Biden is not in charge is more likely the fact that the DOD (a department under the Executive branch) is in Continuity of Government…which it is! It has been since 2001! That means each branch has their own Primary Mission Essential Functions (PMEF) to carry out. These PMEF’s are almost certainly going to align better with an American First President than the Biden Administration’s policies. 

This would explain why the Biden Administration seems so incapable to get things done militarily. The better question is why does it seem that Biden refuses to revoke very damning Trump executive orders towards Biden’s crimes? Not only does Biden not revoke an executive order like EO 13848, but he extends them. 

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