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Below is a repost  from Karma Patriot in July 2022.  I thought she articulated it very well!…………….  

[In reply to Joe Lange]                                                                                                                                              

Constitutionally, each state that comprises the United States of America decides what to do with their electoral votes.

We don’t elect our President by popular vote.

We elect our POTUS/VP by using the electoral college.

Some states may want their electoral votes back if they think there was fraud.

If so, then that STATE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH must call for a special session to legally & constitutionally take back their electoral votes.

They officially decertify.

Their electoral votes now belong to the state again.

And once that state has their electoral votes returned, the state must hold ANOTHER special session to decide what they want to do with them. 

It’s not a federal government decision to hold a new nationwide election. 

It’s not up to Congress.

It’s not up to SCOTUS.

It’s not up to the military.

It’s up to each state

~States can choose to KEEP their electoral votes & give them to no one if the representatives so choose.

~States can decide to give their electoral votes to the candidate that their audit or investigation shows the people truly elected.

~States can take their cases of fraud to SCOTUS.

~States can decide to hold a state Special Election. 

~States can decide they want their electoral votes to stay right where they are…..

Bc the LEGISLATORS at the STATE level represent the people of that state.

The people of that STATE own those electoral votes, not the federal government

The minute that Congress, the Military or SCOTUS call for:

~a new election

~decertify an ENTIRE election

~or choose an election winner

……….then they have officially FEDERALIZED an ELECTION.

And that’s what the Dems & our foreign enemies want.

That’s the bs Election reform that the Dems just tried their damndest to pass.

They wanted to choose leaders FOR THE PEOPLE, not BY THE PEOPLE.


There simply does not have to be a true “legal count” of nationwide votes bc we use an ELECTORAL COLLEGE to choose our President.

As soon as enough states have decertified to remove Biden’s win & give it to TRUMP/PENCE, the election flips. 

We simply cannot allow our Presidential election to be a federal government or military decision made for the entire nation.

We must always be governed by the Constitution. 

And the Constitution grants all authority in Presidential electors to the state.  

Just my thoughts!