Human Trafficking

It is important that they are using the words human trafficking. 

They want to criminalize what Abbott and DeSantis did.

But it is utter projection.

Because the Democrats and their NGOs have been facilitating horrific human trafficking cartels with their open border.

And the best part is, when Republicans retake control, investigations can be launched of #illegitimate Biden using DHS & CBP to human traffic illegals all across the country b/c of their setting the stage by claiming DeSantis & Abbott did so.

They REALLY didnt think this through: this will backfire so spectacularly it’s incredible. And any legal actions they undertake are immediately undercut by these locales’ sanctuary status.

— Miz Donna Thoughts, Telegram

“It is interesting that they are introducing the concept of this being human trafficking…bc Biden has been doing this on an epic scale since he’s been ‘in office’ – – mostly under cover of darkness.” – Connie, Telegram

By Radiopatriot

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