Praying Medic issues a warning to doomsayers and it goes DITTO for me:

Dooomfaggotry and Shillery 101

The sovereign control of America and other nations has been subverted by a clever group of people who knew they could usurp power that rightfully belongs to us by waging a war of information. 

Our actions are controlled by our thoughts, and thoughts can be manipulated by pushing narratives on social media. 

Our Telegram channels have been infiltrated by people who do not have our best interests at heart. These people pretend to support our ideas most of the time but at critical junctures, they push narratives that interfere with our ability to achieve our goals—such the destruction of the deep state and the restoration of equal justice and the rule of law. 

Many victories have already been won in this battle, but the people we’re fighting insert shills in our midst whose aim is to convince us we have no hope of winning. 

“The deep state is in control of everything and everyone.”

“Trump is outgunned.”

“Nothing will ever change.”

Even when a clear victory is evident, these people will question whether it was really a win. Their aim is to sow doubt about every victory.

The outlook of doom, gloom, and pessimism is present in some well-meaning people, but it is pervasive among those who have infiltrated our movement. Their goal is to destroy our will to fight. 

Since I can’t distinguish between the negative comments of subversive shills and those of well meaning but black-pilled patriots, my policy is to remove comments from both.  I don’t have a problem with people asking sincere questions or challenging my views, but doomfagging for the sake of complaining brings down the morale of the team, and I will not entertain it in my channel.