“The Ace of Spades is Durham holding a punisher shield and the sword of truth.” — Praying Medic


Kash Patel@Kash

  • Deal Me In: play the hand you’re dealt- #FWK, you go all in when holding pocket Aces. @truthsocial you all IN?

Q  03/03/2019
At what stage in the game do you play the TRUMP card?

Those playing cards that Kash just released show Hillary in a jumpsuit that says “MS-13” on it and says “Epstein” across her wrist – with storm clouds hovering over her… 

Very interesting.

“Queen” ShiftySchiff

Note the storm clouds ⛈ over Hillary and Comey.


Kash Patel put out a deck of playing cards as a promotion for his book. 

His card has 17 arrows in the background.