The following was posted on Telegram. I have lightly edited it for clarity.

Have you read law of war?

Have you read the entire constitution?

Have you read the EOs that were written on devolution of govt?

I would also suggest you go back and read some of the 80s 90s and 2k RICO cases. I would suggest these as minimums for reading to grasp a better understanding of why, what, when, where, etc. Law of War explains why a government gets taken over.

It gives proper timelines and timeframes of when and what things can and cannot be done.

Federal laws apply but so do international laws. It has to be proven that the legislative, executive, and judicial branches are compromised and resolution cannot be achieved by any means. The Executive branch is completely compromised and gone. The Legislative branch is mainly compromised BUT remedies are not exhausted yet. Midterms will provide that assessment.

Finally, the Judicial branch has not been fully compromised but has substantial issues.

There are many more complications than one realizes. No one gets away, no one gets a deal this time. The largest international crime syndicate is being taken down and dismantled along with the three-letter agencies.

Begin with the reading what is suggested above. Familiarize yourself with the documents. The Law of War is very important (300+ pages.) Good information to know. Many of the players are overseas, so there are international laws that need to be satisfied as well as US law AND military justice law.

If people are to hang, face a firing squad, or spend the rest of their lives at GITMO, then the rules must be followed AND the evidence AIRTIGHT.

RICO cases that were just one drug dealer or mob family took YEARS to assemble. We have leaders in many foreign countries and tens of thousands of criminals involved in this.

I am quite at ease knowing the magnitude of this case and the time being applied to its resolution. I am astounded they were able to do what they have done in the small timeframe to date. Reasonable expectations for reasonable results.