Before Duham can charge about two dozen people inside the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie, and most especially Rodney Joffe and his merry crew of federal cyber security contractors who were working as private spies for Hillary Clinton with espionage, he has to map out the entire criminal RICO joint venture conspiracy first. 

It’s all so POLITICALLY EXPLOSIVE that he rejected the strategy 99% of the people out there demanded he follow:  indict them all FIRST and then try to make his case and bring out his evidence for charging treason and espionage against the United States.  

You cannot indict a Hillary Clinton, a Barack Obama, a James Comey or a Marc Elias for  theft of classified information in exchange for payment [that’s called ‘espionage’, for those of you in Rio Linda!], arrest them, and THEN, AFTER THE FACT, try to lay out your case against them.  

Like it or not, this had to be done BACKWARDS.  The evidence has to be surfaced first in a way nobody can claim Durham is making all this shit up by the time he drops the big ones on the major players.  

No one will be able to seriously contest that there’s no evidence any classified info was stolen and given to the Clinton campaign so it could construct these two specific Trump/Russia collusion hoaxes:  

1. The Alfa Bank Hoax

2. The Steele Dossier. 

It’s just not going to be possible to say there’s no evidence, that this didn’t happen.  

That’s why all I have to do….is wait to be right.