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+++ We The Media Saturday Spotlight +++ 

Today: KAG Drogo

KAG Drogo is the California based artist who painted the portrait of President Trump with the giant Q in it. President Trump retruthed his MAGA KING meme made from that painting, (also with a huge Q on it.) When the fake news melted down over it, they questioned whether Trump saw the giant Q. So President Trump doubled down and retruthed the original painting directly from Drogo’s page, (after scrolling past a bunch Q posts.) That painting became a Q proof. President Trump also retruthed his painting of General Flynn, so all the GenFlynn haters can go pound sand.

Drogo, aka Chad H. Vivas, is not anonymous anymore because he has gotten civically involved in his local community. You may have seen him in viral videos speaking out against the so called “great reset” (New World Order) at his local Board Of Supervisors meetings.

You may have seen him at the ReAwaken Tour where he presented his paintings to Eric Trump and General Flynn. You may have seen his research for True The Vote, or his substack article which made it into their lawsuit. Chad was recently at the filming for their next documentary and he says he’s honored to stand along side everyone here in this journey for the TRUTH

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Image drawn by KAG Drogo


Image drawn by KAG Drogo


I can personally confirm that MAGA artist Chad Vivas [aka “Kag Drogo”] is one really REALLY tall dude.  

I’m not that short.  Really. – Brian Cates

ICYMI, my painting was aired on MSDNC recently 😂 We’ve truly entered into a new phase. They are literally broadcasting Q proofs. 



H/t @PepeMatter for the vidya 

“They aren’t even hiding it anymore”

Correct. Looks like the deepstate may be on the verge of finally acknowledging what we all know to be true.

“They aren’t even hiding it anymore”

Brian Cates:

Indeed they are not. 

The question is…why?

WHY are they not hiding it any more, only making tangential references?  Why are they coming right out and identifying with the Q movement now?  

Do they not know how the Fake News is going to react when Trump and his team begin openly embracing a movement slandered for over 2 years now as being “QAnon”, an domestic extremist terrorist group?  

Well of course they do.

Of course Trump and his team know how the Fake News will react. 

And yet….

And yet…we watch them continue to do it?  

One thing the next couple of weeks won’t be is boring.