Praying Medic:

Why did Trump pick Barr for AG?

The answer might be found in this interview he did yesterday.

I’ve considered both sides of the argument and to me, there’s no valid reason for Barr to pretend to be working against Trump. Some have argued that it provides cover for Durham, but that makes no sense practically. Liberals aren’t going to watch Durham lock up their political heroes and then suddenly be cool with it because they were reminded that Durham was appointed by Barr, who seems to be hostile toward Trump.

I’ll agree with you on one point: 

Some in our movement ascribe near-omniscience and omnipotence to Trump and Q. 

Plenty of examples in the chat today.

Even after Trump admitted to making hiring mistakes, some people insist he didn’t make any mistakes. 

He’s Trump after all.

He doesn’t make mistakes.

And Trump is somehow secretly controlling everyone in the deep state.

Almost as if he’s a deity.

Not a good take.