…when the laptop never opens in lieu of other important things with which to tend. Today was one of those days.

But I have an hour or more to fill you in on what I found interesting today…

From Telegram:

Living on a barrier island as I do, we Floridians on the east coast in Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, etc are well aware of the fragile spot we call home. So watching this video gives me a clear view of what would happen if this — or any hurricane slammed into the Space Coast with full force. It is chilling. And heartbreaking at the same time. And why the ground floor of modern condo buildings are built to withstand the onslaught of a tidal tsunami.

Joe 🤖

Is he faking it in hopes he won’t be put on the stand in a military tribunal?

A Federal Judge has ordered the production of Seth Rich’s laptop.

The FBI “improperly withheld” the laptop under the Freedom of Information Act – and the FBI must produce the laptop within 14 days. 

Today, a federal judge ordered the FBI to “produce the information it possesses related to Seth Rich’s laptop.” This case involves a multi-year fight by attorney Ty Clevenger to obtain records relating to the FBI/DOJ investigation of Seth Rich, particularly whether Rich was involved in the hack of the DNC or had communicated with Wikileaks.



Judge Cannon has ordered an unredacted affidavit for the MAL “Raid” be filed under seal. 

Exclusive: Europe braces for mobile network blackouts

Once unthinkable, mobile phones could go dark around Europe this winter if power cuts or energy rationing knocks out parts of the mobile networks across the region.

Communication Blackout


We can be almost certain that there will be a retaliation to this — somewhere, by someone. Give it a few days. Now is the most dangerous time of the last 7 months, by far

The U.S. was always extremely worried about its underwater internet cables, that’s one area that is impossible to watch and can be sabotaged extremely easily. 


Michael Flynn says 90% of Fed agencies should be disbanded, and “States rights! Did you know that a Governor can declare war? And we’re going to probably see that.”

Campaign event for AZ Sect of State candidate Mark Finchem

Benny Johnson grabbed a screen shot of this tweet in case it “disappears.”

Screenshotted for when this is deleted.


Recap of MAL “Raid” / Special Master News + My Theory About The ‘Empty Folders’

This is a clip from Just Human #139: Recap of MAL “Raid” News and Info Gathering/Analysis of Nord Stream 1 & 2 Sabotage

TRUTH SOCIAL: https://truthsocial

SCOTUS will continue to provide a live audio feed of all oral arguments for the upcoming term, which begins on Monday.