Zelensky is not the leader of a democratic nation

Tucker: “Despite what you may hear on NBC News, Zelenskyy is not the leader of a democratic nation. Zelenskyy is a client of the Biden administration. And ideologues within the Biden administration did not want negotiated peace. They wanted regime change against Russia.” 


How Ukraine voted in its 2010 election.

Blue was the pro-Russia candidate and red was pro-NATO.

Ukraine elected the pro-Russia candidate and when he decided to not take an IMF loan, he was overthrown by a violent U.S. government backed coup in 2014.

Viktor Yanukovych rejected the IMF loan because he said the loan would hand over control of Ukraine’s natural resources and increase the cost of living for the Ukrainian people.

One month after he was overthrown, the newly installed leadership signed the IMF loan, and the domestic price of gas was immediately increased by 50%.

Despite the fake news propaganda, recent historical precedent aligns with much of eastern Ukraine being pro-Russia.


By Radiopatriot

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