Much buzz among the anons and others on TELEGRAM about this opinion piece by Qstradamus.

This will get you started. The rest is at The Big Picture.

The Big Picture Part 2: Op and Awakening

In order to view world events with clarity, one must elevate to a higher altitude.

“Obama was a charismatic man, no one could argue against this. They used his charm to prepare America for destruction. They used his race and Hollywood to greatly elevate his fake leadership to the brainwashed public. Race relations were plunged into an abysmal state as the leader of the free world pitted every race verses white people. This was very strategic considering 75% of America is white. After Obama bankrupted America of money, hope, and morals, Hillary Clinton was supposed to take office. They banked on her gender and voting fraud to carry her through. Most people even plugged into the Matrix could see there was something wrong with her. The reality is that she is a high priestess witch in the Illuminati. She was repulsive, but the one they deemed worthy to bring destruction to the world.

This is where our story takes a dramatic turn. They never thought she would lose…”