The fall colors are just a day or so from reaching their peak here in the mid-Maine woodlands, and it is a glorious sight to behold. Technicolor reds, oranges, brilliant golds and yellows, speckled greens and corals are contrasting with a deep blue sky and dark green firs, making this time of year one of the prettiest and most awe-inspiring. If you love autumn, Maine has it all, and can and does give you quite a show!

The Bangor Public Library is one of the many beautiful libraries throughout Maine. Today we visited the landmark on Harlow Street. The library’s roots date to 1830, when the Bangor Mechanic Association assembled a private collection of books.

In 1883, former U.S. Congressman and lumber baron Samuel F. Hersey left the City of Bangor a $100,000 bequest, which the city used to form a municipally owned public library.

In 1913, the library’s new building, designed by the Boston architectural firm Peabody and Stearns, opened its doors near the high school.[2]

In 1997, the library was renovated and a new wing added (designed by Robert A. M. Stern Architects), thanks to a donation from Stephen and Tabitha King.[10][11] King’s story The Library Policeman was inspired by his 10-year-old son’s expressed fear of returning overdue books to the Bangor Public Library because of “the library police”.[12]

In 2014, the library was renovated again; plans included a new glass atrium designed by Scott Simons Architects.[13]

On an interesting note, the library contains the couch that former VP Hannibal Hamlin drew his last breath upon while playing cards too hard.[14]