“The general public are being normalized to expect an upcoming Cuban Missile Crisis level-event.

Myself and others have been suggesting this will end with Trump being the savior of the upcoming “scare event”, which will prove to the normies that Trump is a great leader and not the man the media claim him to be. Which will grant him the global support he needs to make lasting changes to this world, as well as hold the perpetrators accountable. 

It’s coming. This is the avenue to Justice.”


“The mere fact that Hunter’s investigation was not shut down immediately, proves to me that White Hats pull the strings.

The fact that Hunter is about to be indicted less than a month from the midterms, confirms it even more so.

Biden could have come in and shut the investigation down immediately. Yes, some would have complained about it, but the sheep wouldn’t have even noticed.

All of what we are witnessing simply would not be happening if the old guard were in control.”


“His father was Vice President of the United States at the time of the meeting, which saw the seedy first son push Ismailov to invest cash in a firm he ran. 

The Baku-born businessman was accused of paying $2million in 2017 to have shopping mall owner Vladimir Savkin and auto scion Yury Briley killed on the Novorizhskoye highway in Moscow.

The men were believed to be in a business argument with Ismailov according to Russia’s investigative committee.   

Grasping Hunter Biden met with oligarch pal of Putin who’s now wanted for MURDER of two entrepreneurs shot dead on road ‘over business dispute’

Biden, 52, is believed to have met with Telman Ismailov, 65, on February 17, 2012 at the Moscow headquarters of Ismailov’s AST Group holding company.”