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October 12, 2022

I don’t get my info from media.

The media is never going to say devolution is happening and they can’t even admit Q is real.

You have to use deductive reasoning.

I see Biden not having the power of a real president.

I also see many things Trump prioritized still happening.

I see a plan rolling out and perfectly timed with Biden unable to stop it.

Is he really the most powerful man on the planet?

I say Trump still is.

You can eliminate it in your mind but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of Biden being a FAKE president at all.

Let me list the ways.

Biden denied military flight to inauguration.

Biden doesn’t receive presidential gun salute.

Biden initially gets locked out of WH while on live TV.

Biden administration refused access to Special Ops.

Biden not given the nuclear codes by Trump.

Trump flies AF1 to Mar A Lago on Biden’s inauguration.

Biden has lost every single lawsuit against his EO’s.

Nobody in the world respects him or treats him like he’s president.

Biden can’t stop any of the criminal investigations against him and his family or any of the enemy.

He’s literally a joke.

But then there’s this.

Pompeo still acting as Secretary of State around the world.

Trump meeting with his “cabinet” at Mar A Lago.

Fed doing Trump’s bidding, crashing the market on Biden and the democrats.

Sealed indictments still increasing.

There’s probably hundreds more examples.

The media says Biden’s president.

An unconstitutional election and lots of circumstantial evidence says he’s not.

He is playing pretend, including using a fake Oval Office set.

So obvious to me.

Here’s what I found elsewhere:

Tommy Robinson News channel (Telegram):

That is absolutely crazy.

The ONLY reason it’s that much is to DESTROY him.

Support Alex Jones at InfoWars.

You are the resistance.


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