Kash’s thoughts on today’s Danchenko acquittal

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Another loss. We got them now. Wait until we are in concentration camps. Boy will they be in trouble mister.

  2. I’m gonna vent. It appears that those who look cross eyed at the deep state cabal end up in prison with absurd hefty fines while those who actively play a part in destroying our country and anything at all to do with President Trump get away with a scarey BOO but free to resume their mission. Therefore, we the people who are paying attention , are becoming more and more skeptical and disheartened . But everything will be ok they say, after we take back the senate and the house. Really? That would be true , could be true , but with the track record of defeats against the even low member foot soldiers of this criminal anti American crime syndicate …..and considering that Satan and his minions always play DIRTY to get their way ……something keeps haunting me that this election is not going to happen ….or, the cheating will be 10x worse than the 2020 election because our country is on its death bed. So ok, we take our defeats and we move on to the next hope that justice is going to be served. Gotta keep trying. Fighting. Right? The Supreme Court rulings are being ignored. Have you noticed. Criminals , foreign and domestic are not being prosecuted and are running the streets in our cities unchecked. Have you noticed? But in Jan, when we have the House and Senate …..bad guys….look out. Really? And in the midst of all this petty stuff , the Deep Sate is threatening nuclear war. Really? Yes. Really. Considering they have no regard for life , what moral grounds do they have to not have a Nuclear War? So , these are random thoughts out of the mind of a 70 yr old widow minding her own limited little realm of business who listens to Dave at x22Report , LT And WeKnow, Juan O Savin, both Patels, Truth and Art TV, Noah at WeLove Trump and Radiopatriot, who prays everyday for Humanity, knows a little bit about civilizations that once were , who had a dream 50 some years ago that what is happening now was going to happen via a battle with Satan himself. In that dream, my only weapon was the Lord’s Prayer. Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven. We have to keep fighting and thank God for all the gifted Patriots in the front lines who are doing just that. We have to vote even if they cheat on levels we never imagined . These years of little defeats however, are wounding the Soul of America. Pretending otherwise is foolish. And if Justice can’t be served on the little guys, how will it ever be served on the multi heads of this beast? Divine Intervention???

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