With every rally, President Trump releases new information. Follow me for updates.

Praying Medic notes about Trump’s suggestion on how to find the Supreme Court leaker.

“Foreshadowing things to come? 

President Trump suggests we should force fake news media outlets to give up their leaking sources.

Right before making the case for expanding the death penalty.”

Drug cartels

King of China- doesn’t have a drug problem – they send their fentanyl to us. We find them – each drug dealer kills 500 people. We find em, quick trial, put them to death.

Trump is Fire right out the gate 🔥

Just like a army they are invading our country – they are storming our borders

Trump said 129 countries.

Q 129

(C)Los(I)ing (A)ct:


Impossible to clean.

Operations –(N)o (S)uch (A)gency

He then said 181 countries, but conservativily it was 160.

181 was about deciding.

Sniffer progs would kill the site.

Everything has to be carefully crafted and rolled prior to release. Godspeed Patriot. Q


This was was about Hugh Hefner blackmailing those in power with taped activities at his mansion with children – by an anon.

Q responded !!!

Our country has never been so low, we are a laughing stock.

President Trump played this video before he came out at the rally tonight. 

“Every once in a while, the lion has to show the jackals who he is…” 🔥

17 days from now…

“This guy is central casting…Acting Director of ICE.”  — Tom Homan

“President Trump is one badass president”.

“He comes back, I come back.”

“Biden and the far-left lunatics are waging war…on energy workers.”

“They’re against God, oil and guns and then they say they’re gonna do well in Texas…”

We have people that just don’t know what the hell they’re doing

The Democrats want to defund the police

The Republicans want to defund the Cartels

“Biden and the far-left lunatics are waging war…on energy workers.”

“They’re against God, oil and guns and then they say they’re gonna do well in Texas…”

“We should double the number of border patrol agents. Double them.”

“The problems will end Day One.”

“Death penalty.

“It’s a communist system we’re putting up with now.”

We’re not socialist anymore were communist- this is a communist system  we’re putting up with right now –

The media is a big problem because they’re corrupt and dishonest.

“Within the next two weeks we’re suing the Pulitzer Corporation to have those prizes taken back for wrong reporting.”

“The time to stand up against this growing tyranny is right now. We gotta do it.”

Trump has been mentioning the death penalty so often lately. 

Back in 2012, he showed the world one of his greatest missions:

Save the children. 

Preserve future generations from the sick elite.

Crimes against children will unite the world.

The entire crowd breaks out in an impromptu national anthem. Beautiful!!! Crowd interrupts Trump to sing the National Anthem.Wow! Just wow! Texas is lit up! “This IS a protest!”

They found that I like you am a great patriot