Did Hunter Biden Really Lose Four Laptops With National Secrets On Them?

Or were the pipeline deals done on secure US Senate Blackberrys all along?

NOTE: I’ve been following George Webb’s research since late 2015 and it has placed me ahead of the curve in terms of criminal activity that is only just now being revealed.

His investigation of the Clinton Foundation, its criminal involvement in Haiti, NATO, nation topples (Libya, et al), global ratlines and much more are just now being told to Americans and the world via Q — Trump’s “Great Awakening.”

George Webb’s investigations tie in with what the average person who’s been programmed by Fake News is just now learning. US and global citizens will be shocked as they learn about the crimes committed against us by those we thought we could trust, something Webb has been reporting – in detail – for years.

George Webb’s investigations have given me a solid foundation to understand and connect with what is presently coming to light to the average “normie.”


By Radiopatriot

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