Maine Gov Janet Mills is mum on CDC jabs for babies

What do you bet liberal Democrat Janet Mills, running for a second term as Maine’s governor, will not say a peep about this? Two weeks out from an election that will determine whether or not Maine is a free state, I predict if reelected, she will institute a mandate for every baby in Maine receive the jab. She locked down and mandated mask wearing and jabs during the “covid pandemic.” This former attorney general evidently doesn’t care what the Constitution says. Yes, that’s how malevolent this woman, as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside, is. She’s not stupid. She knows this is a killer issue to her reelection (pun intended).

Her opponent, former Maine Governor (republican) and Trump supporter Paul LePage wasted no time to issue his commitment to give that choice to Maine parents.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. MILLS is now going beyond abortion. She wants to kill all babies who are already born. Maine parents must stand up to save the lives of their children. Historically, Maine citizens are known for their ability to defend their homes, families, and State against Tyranny. Now is their chance to show the world what their children mean to them and how they will defend the right to life of their innocent babies and children.
    God Bless all Parents in Maine. Pray for help from God, who will be with your through this, and then Defend your Children’s Right to Life with all of your might!

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