Ever hear that expression before?

George Webb explained what it is in several of his earliest reports when describing how the deep state controls heads of state, royalty, and just about anyone else. I described it in a recent post.

Jack Posobiec and Alex Jones talked about the brownstone ops on a recent podcast. Check it out.

It’s nasty business.

From my notes taken during George Webb’s reports of 2015/16

“The CIA ran the parties, a brownstone operation, where you get the generals drunk and then introduce them to girls, and keep introducing them to younger girls at subsequent parties. They do this over the course of years. They’ve done this type of thing since Allen Dulles, 1949…

• Until you get to this situation where the kids are 12-13 <<points to Epstein and Clinton>>

• That’s when you have the camera, when you have maximum blackmail. They are willing to do this over the course of years. What they don’t want to do is uncover the operation.

• Brownstown operations: Craig Spence (?), Franklin Coverup, Second mile with Sandusky, many in Florida, in Boulder Colorado, Hollywood area with Scientology, DC Madam. Barney Frank had one

• Read the memoirs of the CIA Directors and they’ll say straight out, “yes we do this”

• 1100 hidden investors are going to be these NATO politicians and generals and US generals and politicians

Belgium is where British and French fought the Germans in WW1/2 and it’s their spiritual center; and it’s where the parties are. George says he’s a journalist who has been there and seen this whole system work and has reporting behind this.

• This relationship with the Brownstone operations have moved to NY to Paris to Africa to Little St James–Clinton Epstein Connection.

• Do you think Hillary is out there getting the Generals out there to go to these parties? No, it’s their seconds [in command], Doug Band for Bill, Philipe for Hillary, in Europe it was Valerie Plame”

That’s why this sex case is more important than Paula Broadwell–it’s about the blackmail and pedophila

• NATO C3 meetings and CENTCOM, where the State Dept people meet NATO generals, <<points at Philipe Reines>> I’m not saying its the current people at the State Dept, that’s why I put this [text] over Philipe, I’m pointing the finger; that’s why he’s lashing out at anything even approaching a sex scandal–it’s because he’s behind it all.

Cults are Brownstone operations

• Invite the families of the 40 Epstain Island kids who were drugged and sexed up until 30 and then ‘suicided’ in ‘accidents’ invite them to this research

• Invite Eva Bartlett (UN / Whitehats journalist) to this research — “good guy recruiting”

Anyone in the Monica Petersen investigation, tie them to the brownstone operation investigations with other lost children family investigators, put them together.

• Abusive/Usury Microfincancing == Microloansharking

• Anyone who was successful and then suddenly are paranoid and on medication and their life is destructing, that’s a sure sign of active surveillance. When they can’t figure out why their son or daughter OD’ed that’s a place for researchers.

• George talks about all the talking points he’s made before and what to search for on each point, to give researchers hints.