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A conversation on Telegram between Kyle (Just Human) and someone named UltraGish52 that I found fascinating...

Just Human #149: 2 Arrested and 13 Charged in Three Separate Chinese Malign Influence Operation Cases 
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“As I covered on my show today, the announcement on Monday was HUGE!!! 

And SO MANY PEOPLE completely MISSED IT because they were too busy REACTING and trying to score imaginary political points on the internet. 

People were reaching for all sorts of nonsense to try and find a negative take on this press conference and the three cases. 

It’s a distraction! A setup! They are interfering with the election! 

The acronym thing was, I’m sorry, dumb. Garland is the AG. He is speaking as the head of DOJ of the United States and is referring to another nation, the PRC.  

Wray is this country’s Top Cop. He is speaking as to the individuals in the cases who are members of the CCP and also intelligence officers.  (I do, however, like UltraGish’s point above about how there could have been comms to the Chinese in that conference, similar to what would happen in the Cold War.)

Guys… they indicted 10 Chinese Intelligence Officers on Monday. One of the cases connects directly Huawei. Do you know who Huawei connects to? 

Tony Podesta. 


Do you know what the FCC is poised to do right now? Ban Huawei and ZTE equipment. 

The Huawei case is so significant, that China sent two intel officers to America to try and bribe and coerce a double agent into stealing the prosecution’s files.

Understanding > Reacting

Oh yeah, and something else people missed: Wray said this is just one of THOUSANDS of cases they have related to China right now and that they open up a new counter-intel division case against China about twice a day.

One more thing… no, two: 

Gregg and Catherine of TTV said they were working with the Detroit FBI on the Konnech investigation. Then, NatSec Division out of HQ got involved and things went a bit sideways (my description).

Well, these cases were brought with the oversight and approval of the NatSec Division out of HQ. You think this Division would go after all these Chinese Intelligence Officers (10 of them), but not someone like Eugene Yu? 

Lastly, one of these cases involved a phony “academic organization.” 

Confuscious Institute, that you?


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