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New filing in Seth Rich Laptop FOIA case

-FBI states they have CDs with images of Seth Rich’s laptop 

-Images were provided to them by local law enforcement

-FBI did not open an investigation into the murder of Seth


-FBI did not provide investigative or technical assistance to any other investigation of Seth Rich. 

-FBI had no involvement in the extraction of data from Seth

Rich’s personal laptop

-And therefore, there was never a need for the FBI to access

the information contained on the compact disc for investigative purposes.

-These CD’s have not been converted to a format that can be used for FOIA releases

-They estimate processing the data into such a format would amount to 400,000 pages, plus images and videos.

-They are requesting that if the court orders them to process the data and release all of this material, they the rate of production be limited to 500 pages per month.

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  1. That sounds reasonable…it would only take them 66 years to respond to the FOIA request at that rate. Maybe they should ask for some time on the Univ. Of Mississippi’s quantum computer.

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