Musk to lift Twitter ban on Trump

Seriously… this clever “plausible deniability” fact checking structure they created is the heart of how they avoided liability while banning whatever speech they wanted to ban. If Elon is legit… watch for him to announce something about dismantling the fact checking committee with the fake impartial liberals appointed to what is basically a “Ministry of Truth”. — Truth Hammer


BREAKING: Elon Musk says he would lift Twitter ban on Donald Trump after deal closes!

This is a MAJOR blow to the Big Tech tyrants! Before you get all Debbie Downer, we’re well aware President Trump stated he wouldn’t be posting on Twitter anymore.

BUT…. Literally anyone will now be able to comb through President Trump’s previous tweets from the past 10 years, notably from the past 5, & SEE that President Trump was right about EVERYTHING & BLAST those across Twitter.

Because of the actions of the Radical Left, EVERY single Trump Tweet will become more relevent today, than even before the 2020 Election.

Infinite Ammo Unlock = Trump’s Twitter.

Get ready to Lock & Load Patriots!!! — The Colonel’s Corner

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