Did Pauley get a warning from da boys?

 House Speaker Pelosi’s husband “violently assaulted” in their San Francisco home. Paul Pelosi was taken to hospital.

Political stunt?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. There is no way an assailant broke into the heavily guarded home of Pelosi!!! Interesting that Katie Hobbs election HQ were supposedly broken into yesterday. Political schemes are underway.

  2. I agree with Pen. Piglosi’s taxpayer-paid-for mansion has tight security. I call BS! This is just another stupid, desperate tactic the Drinker of the House cooked up to garner sympathy and fear in order to kickstart ‘martial law verbage’ through the FAKE news outlets. ‘We’re just not safe in this country anymore’ will be the mantra! “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy!” Don’t be surprised if there are more ‘phony’ attacks on our dear leaders in DC and their families, or something similar. The DS is getting desperately desperate to hang onto power!! Might not be far off on this one.

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