Elon to reverse lifetime bans

Elon Musk to Reverse Lifetime Bans for Twitter Users

Having successfully acquired Twitter after months of legal quagmires, Elon Musk now plans to reverse lifetime bans for Twitter users who were kicked off the platform for various speech infractions.

Elon Musk says he will be “digging in” today on Twitter’s shadow bans, ghost bans, and search bans.

Tesla engineers are evaluating Twitter’s source code.


“I love how you can turn President Trumps Truth Social logo 90° clockwise & it becomes a leaky faucet”.


Elon Musk brings everything including the kitchen sink to Twitter HQ.

Elon on Twitter :

“Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!”

How do you stop a leak?

At this point, [They] can’t.



Flood of information to the masses.

What happens when you can NO LONGER silence the majority of citizens who dare speak out against the establishment’s narratives & tyrannical rules?

More people who were previously too scared to speak out, get braver & join the ranks. Courage is contagious.

The citizens NEED to see TRUTH!

The citizens DESERVE to see TRUTH!

The silent majority is silent no more.

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