What’s another name for Maine’s governor Janet Mills?


Some might say “Liar.”

Others might boast “The first Woman Governor of Maine” as if gender is a legit reason to vote for her. (glass ceiling, Hillary?)

Others might call her a “sneak.” Or “cunning.” Or maybe even “sly.” “Two-faced?” “Typical politician?”

Whatever descriptive you choose, “democrat socialist” is foremost in my opinion. Janet Mills will say whatever will keep her in power. She’s perfectly aligned with the Biden Administration.

As some of you know, I make my home in both Florida and Maine. As they are on opposite ends of the east coast, the governing principles and policies of both states are also at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Contrast this jab and mask, lockdown, six-feet-of-separation covid socialist with Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis. Everything DeSantis has done to protect Floridians’ constitutional rights, Mills, a former Maine Attorney General (who should know better) has done the exact opposite. Covid fear runs deep among the locals I know, spurred on by Maine’s two influence makers, The Portland Press and Bangor Daily News, both of which are parroted by local tv news. TV sets are tuned to CBS, NBC, or ABC. Netflix is the preferred programming for the younger set. Nothing to see here but Fake News and mind numbing programming du jour.

Folks still carry masks in constant apprehension of catching “the covid.” It’s amazing. They aren’t aware of the truth, the real news, two years on. They’re still asleep in the sleepy little New England towns here in the northernmost corner of the US.

In a recent debate with Republican challenger Paul Le Page, a former Maine governor, Mills revealed she knows the mandated jab for school-age children is not supported by some(especially those in CongDist 2 which went for Trump), otherwise she’d have told the truth of what she really intends to do. “Not at this time” is an open-ended answer, isn’t it.


The story:

“Maine Gov. Janet Mills reversed her position on mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for school children Thursday night during her third debate with former Republican Gov. Paul LePage.

On Monday night, when asked whether she supported mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for school children, Mills left open the possibility that she would impose mandates after the elections.

“No, not at this time,” she said, in response to a question about imposing the mandates.

During Thursday night’s debate, Mills struck a markedly different message, in substance and tone.

“No, because it’s still emergency use authorization,” she said, when asked a similar question. 

She did not explain the sudden change in her position, nor did Newscenter Maine moderator Pat Callaghan ask her to explain the flip flop. 

Although Mills’ latest answer on mandating the COVID-19 vaccinations for school children is more definitive than her answer earlier in the week (ah, how quickly she flopped), her most current answer still leaves open the possibility that she will force public school children to receive the mRNA injections if the shots receive full FDA approval and are no longer under emergency use authorization. 

The COVID-19 shots were still under emergency use authorization when the Mills Administration declared that they would be mandated for all healthcare workers in the State of Maine.”

Need more proof that this maniac is a full-on leftist Biden supporter? While Mainers, many elderly and on fixed incomes, are scrambling to heat their homes during the oncoming long and cold winter, propane, heating oil, natural gas, and electric power rates are skyrocketing, yet Maine’s governor opposes drilling for oil. But while locals complain and shake their heads about the rising costs and deeper bites into their household budgets, many don’t seem to make the connection that her policies, in lockstep with Biden’s, are the cause. I know because the democrat political candidate yard signs are prolific and everywhere. They are anything if not organized up here.

Read this…

Amid Heating Cost Crisis, Janet Mills Opposes Drilling for More Oil

By Steve Robinson

“Despite home heating oil prices surging to about $5.40 per gallon (and higher), Maine Gov. Janet Mills told a few dozen University of Maine students this week that she opposes increasing domestic oil and natural gas exploration.

“I don’t think the answer to the crisis here is to give them more money or to drill for more oil,” Mills told a small rally in Orono. The comments were recorded by the Maine Republican Party and uploaded to Facebook

Mills’ comments mirror those made by President Joe Biden during his 2020 campaign for office. (Hello?)

Biden said numerous times that he wanted to shut down all oil drilling and effectively end the fossil fuel industry. One of his very first actions as President was to unilaterally end federal new land leasing to oil and natural gas companies, limiting supply of the essential energy sources and driving up prices.”

So now we’re told the nation will run out of diesel fuel in the next two weeks. How will Gov. Janet Mills deal with loggers and truckers who can’t fill their tanks, and municipalities that rely on diesel to fight fires and provide ambulance service? Truck drivers who provide Maine families with food, fuel, and the necessities of life? How will those school buses run? Electric power? Hah. Eh, Janet Mills? How will they get by without fuel? How will they earn a living? Are Mainers in for another one of your lockdowns, only this time due to fuel shortages?

…”In Maine, 70 percent of homeowners use oil or natural gas to heat their homes. It’s unclear whether expensive left-wing passion for projects like wind and solar could ever efficiently replace hydrocarbon-based heating. 

(And how about all those Obama windmills and solar farms studding mountain tops and acreage along picturesque hillsides? What little power they generate travels straight through without benefit of electric power to Maine? Solar farms in a state that during the winter months has between 8 and 9 hours of sunlight, and that’s when it’s not snowing or cloudy?)

Indeed, as gas and oil prices rise due to policy-based supply constraints, many Mainers will turn to wood stoves for heat, which will actually increase the level of carbon emissions over fossil fuel based heat.

(Of course. More Greta Thunberg/Davos globalist Agenda 21 logic.)

Charlie Summers, the president of a trade group that represents Maine oil and gas dealers, has told The Maine Wire that Mills could help Mainers endure the coming winter by issuing a waiver that allows for the import and sale of non-low sulfur diesel oil and kerosene. [RELATED: As Heating Oil Costs Keep Rising, Oil Deal

Mill’s Energy Office has not responded to emails asking whether issuing such a waiver was under consideration.”

Of course not. Why would she? That would put her in a position to make a choice that could cost her votes. Maybe she’ll promise to cut them another covid surplus check for $850 as a buy-off for their vote? She’d better hurry. Nov. 8 is just around the corner.

She’s a useless piece of work. Nay, she worst than that. Mainers would be wise to resoundingly vote her out of office.


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