What’s going on in post-election Brazil

We’ll start with this…

🇧🇷⚠️ — Military Police officers arguing with the Shock Troop during the Bolsonarist strikes in SP: “Get your car out of here. That’s an order.”

⚠️ — STF ministers try to convince Bolsonaro to acknowledge defeat for Lula

Source: Estadão

🇧🇷⚠️ —  Press from all over the planet passing through metal detectors in order to enter the Alvorada Palace. Jair Bolsonaro will speak from 3 pm on.

Truckers, farmers and patriots take Brazil. 

They ask the military leaders to arrest Lula: “We will not allow a corrupt criminal to rule us!”

There is a massive protest planned for tomorrow in front of military barracks… But let’s see what happens after the speech tonight.

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