Nothing can stop what is coming

A new era of social media, content creation, and decentralized dissemination of information is dawning. 

DOJ this past week codified protections for journalists… 

Just in time for a new era of declass, FBI whistleblowers, MAGA lead congressional investigations, and fresh Durham indictments. 


People don’t really understand the huge moabs Elon is about to unlock. 

All the black pill Elon haters just aren’t understanding the 40k ft view. 

We are about to go to battle. 

Centralized fake news


Decentralized TRUTH anons


You are the News now.

Handle w/ care.


JUST IN – Twitter begins rollout of $7.99 verification badge plan.

Chad Pollock:

“My take on the $8 premium Twit ✅

I’m ignoring the reduction/elimination of corporate influence for now. That will be a good thing in the months to come but has little effect right now.

The timing could not be better for the elections IMO.

If Elon does start selling the Twit checks on Monday as he has indicated this will be a HUGE blow to the big tech influence on election day. 

On Monday the checks would start to dissappear from the thousands of bot and lefties accounts. 

This does 2 things.

1 It will be a huge topic of RRREEEEEE. On Monday as the checks dissappear every account will be consumed with the fact that their coveted blue check is gone and that Elon has taken away their free speech. This will continue well into Tuesday as the checks continue to dissappear and we begin to see those who either support what Elon is doing or who can not live without that status symbol as the checks start to come back. 

2 As the checks are removed this takes away the network that is setup to instantly distribute the latest narrative.  So come Tuesday they will not be able to coordinate and direct the narratives (aka distract from the fraud). On Tuesday there will some lefties who can not let go of the status but I’d imagine most of the blue checks are going to be Patriots who support this move by Elon. This will allow the Patriots to control the news on Twitter because their $8 premium accounts has a higher priority in everyone’s feed.”

Bill Maher is having a meltdown over the fact that over 300 Trump election deniers are taking back our country on the local level and it’s beautiful to witness.

He says that midterms is the end of Democracy as we know it. 

No, Bill, it’s just the end of [their] tyranny. 

It is happening.

The Bill Maher meltdown continues.  

He’s watching the systematic destruction of the Democrat party and he laments how the Judas Goats have driven his party off a cliff with the woke mind infection. 

How beautiful is this?

All they can do is watch and wave goodbye as their old strongholds fade away.

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. He is so full of crap! We will eliminate totalitarian rule by these communists that have taken over our government in the last two years. They have cheated and are so corrupt! So sick of their lies and BS. Thank for all of us GOD loving Christians and other religions that believe in FREEDOM! Why is that such a bad thing? Just my opinion.

    1. Communism has steadily encroached for decades within our country/government. Like cancer virus that is always present within our bodies from various external assaults (GMO food, impure air, cigarettes, microwaves, drugs, alcohol, physical inactivity, stress, etc), only a STRONG immune system keeps it at bay, dormant.

      To use this analogy, We The People have been apathetic, lazy, complacent, ignorant about caring for our health. We have neglected our country’s defenses against the cancer of communism (and other threats within) for so long, we now find that active and life threatening cancer is embedded throughout our system. We are riddled with malignancies and have awoken to realize we are perilously at death’s door as a constitutional republic.

      Like a sick patient given the awful news of imminent and painful death, we’re given one last chance to beat back the malignancy before it destroys us, kills our sovereignty and freedom. Like cancer, we must use every tool available to kill the parasitic cells before they kill us, and if we succeed, we must maintain pro-active vigilance to ensure we build back a healthy immunity against it ever taking hold of our national body ever again. That which doesn’t kill us will make us stronger in our resolve. At least for a generation or two…

      We’ve done severe damage to our constitution (physical as well as national constitution) through benign neglect, allowing a communist malignancy to take hold.

      The cure requires a strong and painful “chemo” to thoroughly kill off the cancer that has invaded our nation’s body.

      As Trump has said on many occasions, this is our last chance to save liberty. We stand at the precipice. The election is just the beginning of many “protocols” to begin fighting back. We have yet a long way to return the United States back to health. We are at the beginning. We are awakening our fellow Americans to the realities of our condition.

      Some are still asleep. Some have already given up the fight before it even begins. But many are shouldering the cannon and weapons to fight off the necrotic invasion. We are the Three Percent who are already in the war.

      And we WILL win this. We will save our country from the nightmare we’re in. We will remove and restore our constitutional health for the next generations. It will be on them to keep it healthy.

      “A Republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.”

  2. It’s an uphill battle all the way! No turning back or slacking off with these Demons! Constant push back and Alertness! No Treasonous Traitor goes Unpunished!

  3. Did you think, Bill, that you could continue to get your bread buttered on both sides forever? You have been one of the highest paid switch hitters I’ve known of, but outside of a dash of respect for the wit of your writers, I have never trusted you…and this BS is a great example of why. No honest person anywhere could really believe that voting left and continuing the rapid decline we are experiencing is in any way “preserving democracy.” Who is paying you this week?

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