MK Ultra controls the entertainment world

Sources close to Kanye West told Slave Princess — which came out a year ago — how his Kardashian Kult tried to put him into a 5150 in order to control him, his kids and his fortune. We also reported that he was drugged. He was lured into a den of vipers and is now somehow free to blow the whistle. #FreeBritney is not an isolated case. Watch the documentary here:


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Well, I am a little late in this posting……I grew up in LA. “Laurel Canyon” was that and more. It was(is) a strange, weird conglomeration of hippies, the politically motivated, users of drugs and people, Hollywood, and God Knows whatever else came along. Murder was probably the least of it. It is a beautiful area that originally was hunting lodges when deer and such ran wild.

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