I’m not sure it’s “LITTLE wins”!

That’s obviously the mainstream narrative, 

that Republicans/MAGA, and ESPECIALLY Trump, “have much less momentum and power then they thought”, that the Red Wave was a dud, “barely a ripple” in [their] liberal woke [Communist] schedule.

When the ACTUAL NUMBERS in these mid-terms show that Republicans, and ESPECIALLY a vast majority of Trump-endorsed MAGA “election-denying candidates”, have won their seats!!

Liberals have lost many!!

But they portray this as wins, lololololol 🤡


Of course they hope that enough people (too busy with real life problems) won’t double-check these talking points, and swallow the propaganda without reading the smallprint.

Some people will, of course. 

Not all. 

Many are flabbergasted — maybe for the first time — seeing that their actual REALITY doesn’t match what mainstream is saying:

Many small-town folks, who KNOW for a fact that most people in their community have now voted Republican because of Biden’s disastrous admin, 

are pulling their hair out at the COMPLETELY UNREAL local election results on TV.

Imagine your whole little village, where everyone knows each other, 

feeling the pain at the gas pump, at grocery stores, and everywhere,

everyone openly expressing their generalized distrust and disgust at the Dems in power, and almost everyone in unison vouching to vote them out.

⚠️ And THEN, election night, the TV tells them that they seemingly voted overwhelmingly Blue again??!?? ⚠️ 



They are now experiencing what STOLEN ELECTION tastes like, in a local and personal way.🔥

If that isn’t a yuuuuuge wake-up call, on how trustworthy are the media and experts and leaders we’re supposed to listen to…

— Trinity_in_Canada, Telegram